5 Influencers That Will Inspire You To Live a More Sustainable Life

At the end of 2019, the dictionary Oxford released the word of the year and the expression “climatic emergency” was the choice to represent the moment. The climate crisis is on a continuous rise with garbage islands emerging and global warming becoming more and more serious. The way we live and consume aggravate all these effects, and that is exactly why sustainability is so essential. 

The general outlook may not be the best, but this new generation is showing to be more concerned with the environment and more aware of the human actions that need to be changed. Therefore, we have separated some profiles for you to follow and get inspired by their sustainable lifestyle. Check it out!


  1. Fernanda Simon is the executive director of Fashion Revolution Brasil, a global movement that questions the ways of producing and consuming fashion and seeks a fairer scenario for people and the planet. Fernanda also contributes to Vogue Brasil on sustainability guidelines. In her profile she mixes fashion, activism and environment issues, with a lot of informative content, tips and new thoughts related to the textile industry. 

  2. Cristal Muniz is the author of the 1st Brazilian book on zero waste, Uma Vida sem Lixo - also the name of her blog, inspired by Lauren Singer's “Trash is For Tossers”. Her purpose is to live a zero waste life, even in the big city. In her profile, she shares her routine and the alternative methods she has found to prevent the production of trash, with tips on food recipes, cosmetics and natural cleaning products. 

  3. Youtuber, social and vegan scientist Nátaly Neri, gained notoriety for discussing racial issues on her Youtube channel "Afros e Afins". Now she has expanded her repertoire by showing her conscious and cruelty-free lifestyle. The sustainability content includes make-up tutorials using natural products, meatless dish recipes - with ingredients from her own garden - and indications of thrift shops and vegan brands.

  4. The former model Chiara Gadaleta is one of the precursors of the sustainable fashion in Brazil. Chiara is a UN ambassador for the Global Compact as well as a sustainability consultant in the fashion industry. Super active in her profile, she shares several reflections for those who seek to live consciously and sustainably.

  5. Vegetarian, adept of cruelty-free skincare and passionate about plants, Marieli Mallmann keeps in her extremely harmonized profile tips of her routine. She shows, in a practical way, her minimalist closet and the changes she made in her daily life to pollute less.


The article above was edited by Gabriela Girardi

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