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5 Cooking TV Shows And Documentaries That Will Inspire You To Eat Healthier

If you are reading this article you are probably trying to – or have tried – to be healthier when it comes to the food you consume. It is not an easy job to eat healthily when we live in a world full of delicious junk food. In fact, it’s really difficult, I know! So here is some content to help you think about your food habits and how they are impacting your wellness and the world. In the list below, you will find tips of TV shows, series and documentaries to watch if you are wanting to change the color of your plates and the purpose of your meals!

We hope it truly inspires you to be healthier for yourself, and maybe you even get a little hungry seeing fitness food – who knows, right?! Check it out!

What the Health (2017)

This documentary accompanies its director Kip Andersen through some interviews with differents specialists to understand the impact of the food we consume in our daily life. With it, the production criticizes our excessive consumption of meat and eggs and also questions the practices of lead health and pharmaceutical companies. Therefore it will open your eyes about what you are ingesting, then making you rethink what the “health” are you eating. The documentary has been nominated by Cinema for Peace for the Most Valuable Documentary of The Year 2018 and is available to watch on Netflix streaming!

Food Choices (2016)

Did you know that your food choices have an impact not just in your health, but in the world too? Well, in this documentary film, directed by the renowned audiovisual artist Michal Siewierski, you will understand how everything is connected. And more, some of the myths about vegan and vegetarian food in which you probably believe will be broken. This production is also available on Netflix and waiting for you. So, I hope you are ready to change your perspectives…

In defense of food (2015)

Really, another documentary about food? Yes! Based on your own book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, the journalist Michael Pollan goes in a journey to answer the big question of the humanity: What should I eat to be healthy? He travels around the world observing supermarkets aisles to solve this urgent doubt of our time. The program explores how the modern diet has been making us sick and what we can do to change it. Well, I particularly know from where you can start the transformation: run to Amazon Prime Video streaming and watch it!

Bela Cozinha

In this Brazilian cooking show, you can learn a lot of differents recipes of the culinary chef Bela Gil. She defends that conscious and fit eating is good for your wellness and, also, for the planet. Because of it, in her TV program (that is available on GNT channel), she teaches easy recipes using fresh and healthy ingredients. Plus, she also produces content for her own YouTube channel – that you can check out!

Clean & Delicious

This YouTube channel you will inspire you to eat healthy and easy meals. There, Dani Spies presents quick videos in which she teaches easy and light recipes that are, for sure, fitness. In her channel, she seeks to put aside the crazy diets and focus in having a health body while practicing self love (you rock, girl!).


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso

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