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Books by Taylor Jenkins Reid you must read
Books by Taylor Jenkins Reid you must read
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5 books you must read to get to know Taylor Jenkins Reid

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

If you are in TikTok, especially in BookTok, you already know Taylor Jenkins Reid. But if you don’t, she’s the writer behind many New York Times Best Sellers, including Daisy Jones & The Six, that inspired the new Amazon miniseries that everyone is talking about! But if no one has convinced you to read some of her work yet, it’s my job to do so. Check out this list of fan favorites!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The success of BookTok and considered to be her masterpiece The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo brings the story of a Hollywood star, Evelyn Hugo. She accomplished a lot during her career as an actress, but was also involved in a lot of scandals, including getting married seven times. Reaching her 80’s birthday, she decides to tell her life story and chooses an unknown reporter, Monique Grant, to do the job. Throughout the book, you get to know Los Angeles in the 1950’s and the movie industry in the Golden Age until Evelyn’s decision to leave the business. As you get to know her, you also learn more about Monique and what connects them both.

All Reid’s experience with the film production gave her a special way to tell stories, making you feel like the book actually is a movie. She has a particular way of creating characters that are relatable, even if they are famous movie stars.

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Daisy Jones & the Six

One of the most successful rock bands of the 1970’s had a mysterious split after a show in Chicago. Decades later, they are reunited to tell the story about their path to fame and the truth behind their tragic end. Told as a transcript of interviews, e-mails and song lyrics, the book takes you directly to the “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” vibe of the late 70’s.

Inspired by the band Fleetwood Mac and their album Rumors, Daisy Jones & The Six has passion, multiple love stories, a lot of music and incredible characters that have their own perspective about the time they were in the band. So, during the interviews, the author makes you doubt which one is really telling the truth as you fall in love with the band and their music.

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The novel has been adapted into a miniseries, by Prime Video, and has Riley Keough playing the role of Daisy Jones and Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne. Now you can watch and actually listen to their album, Aurora, while you read the book.

Malibu Rising

The third novel of the list also revolves around fame and California. Malibu Rising brings four siblings: Nina, Jay, Hud and Kit, children of Mick Riva (a singer that appears in other TJR books). The story is set during their iconic party at the end of the summer. By midnight, everything is already out of control – secrets are revealed and an unexpected guest surprises everyone. By morning, Malibu will be in flames. 

The book is divided between the narrative of the twenty-four hours of the day of the party and flashbacks that show the past of the characters of the family. Taylor Jenkins Reid has a special talent to create fictional famous people that makes you want to follow them on Instagram, listen to their music, watch their movies, and know every gossip about them. Above all, it’s a story about family, self-discovery and love for Malibu and surfing.

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 One True Loves

One True Loves is about a love triangle. Emma dated Jess when she was young and married him. They had an adventurous life until their wedding anniversary, when he went missing in the Pacific Ocean. She moves back home and, years later, she is getting her life back on track, when she runs into an old friend, Sam. She falls in love again and gets engaged, but then, Jess is found. Now she has a choice to make.

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It’s an overwhelming story about life, love and growth. This book has been adapted into a movie that stars Phillipa Soo, Simu Liu and Luke Bracey and will be released in April.

Maybe In Another Life

For a Taylor Swift fan and a crazy theory person, this one is special because it is a story about fate and love. Hannah Martin has no idea what she wants to do with her life. After moving back to her hometown, she goes to a bar with her best friend Gabby, where she meets her high school boyfriend, Ethan. At the end of the night each of them offers her a ride home, and that’s the point where the story splits and you get the point of view of these two realities: if she leaves with Gabby and if she leaves with Ethan.

Both of the perspectives have similarities but at the same time huge differences. It brings out questions about life, destiny, and soulmates – and leaves it to the reader to choose their preferences.

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Bonus: Evidence of the Affair

The entire book goes by letters between Carrie and David, who discovered their spouses were having an affair. Throughout the narrative they talk about fears and life. It is the perfect short story to read while listening to “Illicit Affairs, by Taylor Swift.


As a reader I will say that what captivates most about her novels is the characters. TJR makes you feel like you know them and understand their choices and motivations. At the same time, they make you think about life and self-discovery. In my opinion, all of them should go to your To Be Read list!


The article above was written by Beatriz Martins and edited by Amanda Moraes. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Cásper Líbero home page for more!

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