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4 Ways to Fit a Workout Routine Into Our Busy Schedule

#1 Get up earlier

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A good alternative for people who don’t have time to work out during the day is waking up earlier than normal. If you start waking up early, you can go to the gym, practice yoga at a studio,  do swimming classes or any physical exercise you want to. But if you already wake up early, you can work out at home. There are lots of short videos on YouTube that you can use to guide your trainings.   

2. Exercise on break times

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If you work at home (or near to your place),  30 minutes of break every day is enough for you to work out. There are videos on internet and apps with trainings of 15 minutes –  and don’t you think they are necessarily easy to do(there are very intensive short trainings). Now, if your job or school is far of your home, you can search for gyms near to the place you are or take sports clothes to practice cooper around. 
The time and the frequency of the practice will depend on your availability, but the ideal is  40 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week.     

3. Plan your week

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Organization is the word. If you plan  your week, you have more chances of complying your goals successfully. You can do it every Sunday: sit down with a paper and a pen and write all you need to do in the next five days. If you see that it will be a busy week, you can reduce the frequency or period of trainings. On the other hand, if you will have calm days, you can organize yourself to train more times during the week.  

4. Climb the staircase

Image Source: Beleza e Saúde

 The story that climbing staircases is a good workout is not bullshit. It  keeps your legs toned, your thinner waist and give you physical fitness. And the best part of this kind of exercise is that it’s totally free and you can do it in whatever place that have staircases – which is not difficult to find.  

Now that you have some tips, it’s time to plan your weekly workouts and  start moving!

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