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#4 Problems Of Riverdale’s Season 5

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The fifth season had 19 episodes, which did not innovate in its script and were quite disconnected from each other. A few issues made the series a bit tedious to watch and even uninteresting. In addition, the script didn’t know how to take advantage of the characters.

 Find out what were the main issues of the season. But be careful! This article contains some spoilers.

1. Disconnected episodes

Most episodes completed their plot within 45 minutes, leaving no high expectations and motivations for the next episode. This hurt the season in general a little, because it contributes to the episodes being disconnected and the events being very little developed, which didn’t help to keep the interest alive.

When plots were not resolved in the same episode, they were only recovered after a long time. For example, the story involving the murders and a new serial killer was introduced, but soon after was forgotten for much of the plot, being actually rescued only in the final episode. So, this mystery was left to be solved next season.

2. Recycled itineraries

The passage of time was very disappointing. It was expected that this would be an opportunity for the series to innovate in its script, bringing new stories. But Riverdale kept his characters on similar plots and brought few new arguments and problems. Deep down, the characters still seemed to be living in high school.

The character who suffered most from this was Veronica. Her plot is always involved with her father, Hiram Lodge, and for pretty much the same problems. Hiram’s character won’t return for next season, but expectations are that Veronica won’t get new stories. That’s because, the last episode gave hints that again a love triangle between Archie and Red must happen.

Cheryl is another character involved in similar plots. She is always involved with the crazy mysteries that involve her family, which in most cases leaves the character with an exaggeratedly unbalanced and obsessed behavior, wasting the smarter side and even masking her strong personality. This time, Cheryl believes herself to be a witch.

3. Separate quartet

Riverdale’s main quartet had fewer interactions than usual this season. Seeing Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead together was sorely missed.

In addition, the pair of friends, Veronica and Betty, were very separated. The dialogue they had in the last episode showed that the das are still far away. Despite understanding the facts that motivated the distance between the two, an approximation could already have happened.

4. Public’s favorite couples got separated 

Most of the audience’s favorite couples were separated most of the season or had little interaction and development. This was especially the case with Jughead and Betty, Cheryl and Tony. Archie and Veronica came back for a few episodes.

The problem was not the couples not having resumed the relationship, but the lack of development between them. For example, it was clear that Betty and Jughead had issues to resolve. However, they talked very little and these conflicts were little explored.

Now we can only wait for the next season and hope that Riverdale changes some things!
Before season 6 premieres, we’ll have a 5-episode event that premieres Tuesday, November 16th on The CW!

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