3 Tricks for Your Internship-College Style, According to Olivia Palermo

I don't have many style references, but a person I always use as an inspiration is New Yorker, Olivia Palermo. She is the owner of a cool, yet polished and put-together style that can make anyone jealous. Besides, Palermo's daily outfits are perfect if you are a college student and intern, because you can adapt some of her favorite key pieces to your wardorbe. Although, Olivia's closet may have tons of high couture and designer clothes, she also wears lots of Zara and other fast fashion stores. 

1. Fitted Blazer

A blazer can do wonders for a jeans and T-Shirt look. But, beware, the blazer needs to have a great fit in order to work! Moreover, Palermo usually goes for neutral colors and when she uses a bright color, her entire outfit is monochromatic, either in white tones or black.

2. Go comfortable, go with flats

If your day has 17 hours of running up and down, from internship to subway, from subway to college and finally home only late a night, heels are definitely a big no-no. Therefore, flats - be sure they are extremelly comfortable - are your best-friends.

3. Black is the new Black

No stains, slim figure and always chic.