3 Travel Instagram Profiles To Keep It Real

The most wonderful travel images can be found on Instagram. If you follow some travel related hashtags, you know exatcly what I am talking about. Dozens of women who wake up in the middle of the night to be the first to reach the crowded places before anyone else appears? Clothes that do not fit the weather? So much edition you can't really figure it out the color of the sea water? Check, check, check.

Let's be fair: most of us wanted to check the previous list. We look at the pictures and want some to be ours too. And, sometimes, we travel and face the challenges to ensure our photo memories will be perfect. However, sometimes it sucks. 

Real life, for most of us, means waking up early in the morning, using the public transportation, working for long hours, going to classes and, by the end of the month, trying to pay all the bills while saving for that so-dreamed trip. So, being overexposed to these almost unreal images might be a little bit disappointing and stressfull. 

As much as we love the travel influencers, their inspirational phrases and dream trips, they are way far from us than some other bloggers, who keep it really, really real.

Some of them are full-time travellers, others still keep their "regular life" with a "regular job" and travel while on holidays. But basically, what they do is to show the behind the scenes. The money part. The practical and usefull stuff. Things we need more when travelling than inspiration, let's face it. Ready to know them?

  1. 1. Amanda Noventa | @amandanoventa

    Amanda Noventa is a Brazilian blogger who could never fit better the "keep it real" expression. On her Instagram, blog and Youtube channel, she talks about the real issues about travelling: money, luggage, real life in-between flights and pretty useful tips.

    Her pics keep being wonderful, but there is so much more to learn from her (and her books). Because let's face it: we all wanna travel and know the entire world, but the bills still have to be paid by the end of the month.

  2. 2. Lívia Lopes | @liviajando

    Lívia Lopes has a sucessful job in Brasília and uses all her time off to travel around the world on a budget. She gives amazing tips on her profile, which includes all you need to know about going to the Maldives without having to sell a kidney for it.

    She started her Instagram account as a hobby and now also makes money out of it, but her career as a legal consultant is still what pays for the plane tickets.

  3. 3. Mariana Bueno | @marianaviaja

    The journalist Mariana Bueno has already travelled to a lot of places, but she still makes it feel like she's one of us. Her posts are real, fair and way too much helpful.

    She travels alone and a lot nationally, which is amazing and a boost for the ones who wanna know our huge and wonderful country too.

We ensure you these profiles will make your Instagram feed looks way more healthy and real.