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15 Situations Every One Faces while Taking the Public Transportation in Sao Paulo

1. You remind yourself every day when you wake that you will have to take the metro/bus to go to college. And that every day is always a exciting mad adventure.

2. But you got your “Bilhete Único”, Google Maps and willpower, so you may be alright.

3. You never leave the house without your headphones and if you do you’ll probably few miserable the entire way.

4. When you get to the bus stop or metro station and the wagon/bus is empty and you think you may be in a parallel universe.

5. But no, you were simply very lucky.

6. Well, life will go back to its normal course and you will find the bus/wagon completely overloaded.

7. But, of course, you find strenght to face the crowd and push (unfortunately) other people so you can get a small spot inside.

8. You put your best blasée face and act as if you don’t care about being smashed in a tiny place with hundreds of people.

9. You are listening to a song and someone suddenly asks you a question

10. You look out of the window and count in your head how many more minutes you have until the final stop.

11. And in every stop more people get inside and you don’t know how they are suppose to fit.

12. You wish that it could be over faster

13. Your stop is approaching and you strategically try to make an escape route.

14. You finally arrive in your stop and give thanks to the universe for having survived.

15. But don’t worry, there is more tommorow.

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Alana Claro

Casper Libero '17

Alana is a Senior in Cásper Líbero University, majoring in Journalism. She is President of Casper Libero's Chapter and an intern in a Corporate Communications firm. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, where she speaks Portuguese, although English is her ever-lasting love. Alana is a proud Slytherin and INTJ.
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