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12 fashion inspirations from the 2000s for your Marquesa’s look

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

After three years away from Cásper Líbero‘s students party calendar, Marquesa is back in 2023. It will takes place at Studio SP (Rua Augusta, 591) this Friday (14). And just like the previous editions, this will be a thematic party! “Back to the 2000s” is the theme, and so it will reflect on the decoration, music and, of course, the outfits.

If you’re looking for Y2K trends inside your wardrobe to match this aesthetic, here are some inspirations and references of clothes, accessories and hairstyles from the 00’s to help you choose the perfect look for partying this weekend. Check it out:

Tank top

Choosing your ideal clothes for Marquesa doesn’t need to be so complicated. A basic black or white tank top, icon of Avril Lavigne‘s punk style, can already make a good reference to the 2000s. If you have a tie to use with it, you are only a few steps away from the looks Avril used in the “Complicated” music video. Classic!

Low-rise jeans

Loved by some and hated by others, the low-rise jeans are back again when we think about a classic 00’s look. You can stylish it with a studded belt or a chain belt, other strong trends of the decade.

Y2K sunglasses

There are many options of lenses and frames here: colorful, heart-shaped, big and rectangular, with strass… you can choose the one who fits better the color and aesthetic of your outfit. The pink tinted ones also makes reference to the Barbiecore looks, like the ones used by Sharpay Evans, Regina George and other classic characters from the 2000s. They will surely make you glow even more!

And if you want a bonus inspiration for this list, the iconic Paris Hilton left a hint: tracksuits are all in for a 2000’s party!

space buns

Space buns are pretty for both straight and curly hair. Definitely will be fun to wear, and, with these, you can fulfil your look with references literally from head to feet. These two thin pieces of hair in the front are also making a comeback when using buns or ponytails, directly from the 2000s. Spiky buns are a variation that you can also consider.

Baby tees

It is not a regular T-shirt, but it isn’t a top either. Baby tees are an essential and unique item for this kind of look, it is easy to find and you can match them with a low-rise jeans, skirts or even cargo pants.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants can be a great alternative for those who are not a huge fan of the low-rise jeans. It can also be low-rise, but it’s more confortable and you can use with baby tees, croppeds, tank tops or any other combination that makes you feel good with it. Belts are welcome as an accessory!

COLORFUL jewelry

Many colors, different shapes and lots of bead and pearls are making a revival in accessories, and that’s all inside Y2K aesthetic. Fun-colored items are a reference of kidcore, which is a trend based on kids accessories and palettes but adapted for creating really fashion looks.

Platform sandals

The platform sandals were a must-have during the 2000’s. Either a pink one, like in the picture, or the classic black one would be the highlight of your look for this party – if you’re in the mood to face these heels.

handkerchiefs / Bandanas

They could be used in your hair, in your neck, as a belt…the possibilities of handkerchiefs and bandanas are infinite for this kind of look. The way Ella Mai is using it is a great Y2K aesthetic reference, but you can also turn it into a kind of tiara, and match it with your colored glasses. Both are really simple and pretty hairstyle options, so you won’t take too long to get your hair done before the party.

Baguette bags

This tiny little purse Lizzo is holding comes from a strong trend which lasted from the 90’s until early 00’s: the “baguette bags”. They are that kind of bag you can carry in your shoulder or held as a top-handle one, and will be great to put your cellphone, money, keys and cards.

All star

Do you want an item that never goes out of style? Make a bet on your coolest Converse All Stars for Marquesa. It is comfortable for you to dance all night and matches almost any type of accessories, tees, pants, skirts or dresses. Perfect for the style and perfect for the party!

Butterfly clips

Turn on your butterfly mode for Marquesa and grab those colored butterfly clips you used in your childhood. Besides being a great fashion item for those days you want a different hairstyle, they are versatile and can help you bring the fashion reference of the decade to your party outfit.

You can also check our Instagram post about 2000s trends to get more ideas. Now, just choose your favorite inspirations and remember to put Britney to play on your earphones while getting ready. See you there!


This article was edited by Julia Queiroz.

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