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#12 Books You Must Read, Organized By Our Favourite Romance Tropes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Who doesn’t love a good cliché, right? For bookaholics, it is almost impossible that a romance novel is never included in a “to-be-read” list. One of the most popular genres, romantic clichés are, surely, a widely used literary trope that never grows old. So, since a good love story is never too much, we decided to put together some of the best books we know to dive into this world. Check it out!

Enemies To Lovers: Red, White And Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston

This is the kind of book you get addicted to on the first page – and I am not even exaggerating. On one side of the story, there is Alex Claremont-Diaz, the son of the first female president of the U.S.. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, we meet Henry, the nerdy cute prince of England who is dealing with the pressure to be secretly gay in the royalty.

Alex truly hates Henry, and fraternizing with his worst enemy is definitely his worst nightmare. However, after an English wedding disaster, Alex and Henry have to spend a week pretending to be best friends, and they both know there’s no way it could work. 

Nevertheless, although they start a fake friendship, their relationship grows in every single way, and going from enemies to lovers, two of the most important people in the world start a beautiful and meaningful relationship. Just enchanting!

Fake Dating: The Fill-in Boyfriend, by Kasie West

What are the odds that a fake relationship turns into a cute real one? In books, they are actually pretty big. One example is The Fill-in Boyfriend, a story that will certainly win your heart with its sweet love and self-growing essence. 

Gia Montgomery is a girl of appearances. She cares too much about what people think of her and always wants to be included in what is trending at the moment. So, when her boyfriend breaks up with her in the parking lot right before the prom, she needs to think fast. 

In the middle of it, Gia meets Hayden, a boy who was just giving a ride to his sister, and decides to convince him to be her boyfriend for the night, nothing serious and just some little lies. However, through this whole fake thing, they start spending a lot of time together and Gia is definitely falling for him, but does he feel the same?

Love Triangle: The Selection, by Kiera Cass

If you haven’t struggled with any tough decision between two literary crushes, you are very privileged. Some books just have that power: it makes us fall deeply in love with two characters – and there’s nothing we can do. The Selection, for example, does it extremely well. 

America Singer is one of the 35 lucky girls that were chosen to spend a few months in the palace and try to win the prince’s heart. Except that she doesn’t want it; not the prince, not the crown, any of it.  Besides, she definitely doesn’t want to leave Aspen, the boy she loves and intends to marry someday. Therefore, she ends up accepting to participate in the Selection just to please her mom. However, after meeting Maxon, the prince of Illéa, she realizes everything she thought she wanted might change. 

We never forget our first literary crush, right? Maxon was the first fictional guy I fell in love with and, honestly, I can’t say I got over him. The Selection is a book that will make you feel like being a princess and will divide your heart between Aspen and Maxon just like America’s. It is captivating and, if you like some good romance, we assure you will fall in love with it.

Stuck together: The Flatshare, by Beth O’Leary

This book is every hopeless romantic’s dream and I am not kidding! With a great romantic comedy aura, The Flatshare is a story to love, cry and laugh – all at the same time. 

Tiffy Moore needs an apartment as soon as possible, and it needs to be cheap. Leon Twomey needs cash, also as soon as possible. So, without even meeting each other in person, Leon and Tiffy share the one-bad flat together, he during the day and she, during the night. They close a six-month deal and start talking through post-its around the house. But will this seemingly perfect solution survive an obsessive ex-boyfriend, a jealous girlfriend and some overprotected friends? 

If you’re looking for a romance that will probably leave you in happy tears, The Flatshare is your best choice! Funny, light and definitely sweet, this book will certainly win your heart.


Friends To Lovers: Fazendo Meu Filme, by Paula Pimenta

Shoutout to all of the romantic movie fans out there! If you like good cinematic references from pop culture and an enchanting romance between two best friends, Fazendo Meu Filme might be your golden option. 

Fani Belluz is a shy girl who is willing to be a great film-maker. Obsessed with cinema, she is a loyal friend and a girl who is very easy to relate to, with all the dreams and insecurities. Nevertheless, everything changes in her calm life when she gets accepted to go to an Exchange program and lives in England for an entire year. In the middle of it, she finds out that she might have a crush on her best friend, Leo Santiago. Now, Fani has to fight for her love story before traveling away for a whole year, will she make it? 
Fazendo Meu Filme is the one that brought me to the bookaholic world and I couldn’t be thankful enough! This story is cute, sweet and expresses perfectly the thing about being a teenager and feeling too much. It certainly is a “must read” if you, like me, are addicted to good love stories.

“I hate everyone but her”: Shatter Me series, by Tahereh Mafi

Even though romance is not the main plot of the series, it is so outstanding that it needs a highlight – and I guarantee you will fall in love too! 

Juliette Ferrars is a sixteen year-old girl who has been locked up for 264 days. She has an impressive power which she thinks is a curse, although it makes her one of the strongest people on Earth. However, while having all the experiences of being a teenager and a special kid, Juliette faces her own conscience, in an attempt to understand who she truly is. In the middle of it all, she meets Warner, the supreme commander of the Reestablishment who is definitely going to surprise her.  
Shatter Me is an amazing story about maturity, self-knowledge and life relationships. Moreover, the powerful love and the ups and downs of giving your heart to someone else are also some of the best parts of the reading. If you haven’t, you should check this book out, I promise you won’t regret it!

Enemies to Lovers: The Viscount Who Loved Me, by Julia Quinn

1814. Two members of the high society of London who hate each other. A compromising situation. Honestly, this book is one you need to read.  

Anthony Bridgerton is a good looking and a very rich viscount, whom every girl wants to marry – although he promised he would never marry for love. Thus, he decides to propose to Edwina Sheffield, a beautiful girl he knows he won’t fall in love with. However, to do so, he has to get his sister’s, Kate Sheffield, approval. The thing is: Kate hates Anthony, finding him arrogant and despicable. But, while trying to convince her, Anthony and Kate find that everything they felt for each other could be something way different from hate. 
The Viscount Who Loved Me is a cliché romance in the 19th century and, in my opinion, the best Bridgerton book. The story is perfectly fluid, making you fall in love and cheer for the characters from the bottom of your heart.

Love triangle: Love & Gelato, by Jenna Evans Welch

Just like The Selection, Love & Gelato has a love triangle involved in its story. However, it also has its own glow, doing a great job by enchanting our hearts. 

After her mom’s death, Lina has the mission to travel to Italy and spend the summer with her father without knowing him. So, she sees herself in the middle of the landscapes of Florence, living with a man she has never seen and speaking nothing of Italian. She just wants to leave. Everything changes, though, when Lina receives her mother’s diary and starts to understand all that has brought her there. Plus, she ends up meeting Ren and Thomas, two cute boys who promise to shake her heart. 

Love & Gelato is a beautiful story with great lessons of love, self-knowledge, loss and grief. It is an amazing trip to Italy and everything it has to offer: fun, heartbreaks and liveliness. 

Fake Dating: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, by Jenny Han

You might have seen the movie based on this love story available on Netflix. If so, you probably already know how beautiful and pure this romance is and, if you haven’t, you definitely should read it. 

Lara Jean Song Covey is a hopeless romantic girl who keeps her secret love letters way well kept. They’re five total – one for each boy she has ever had a crush on. Full of honesty and confessions, the letters are Lara Jean’s most secret possession. Until they’re sent to the recipients and one of the guys, Peter Kavinsky, convinces her to start a fake dating so they can both get what they want. But, what happens when the pretending thing gives space to real feelings? 
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a comfort book that really fills our heart with love and makes our day better. Cute, fun and light, this story is one of the best if you like good cliché romance books.

 Stuck Together: By Your Side, by Kasie West

This book is another dream for the hopeless romantics! Full of love and sweetness, this story also brings important topics, such as anxiety and drug addiction, in a way very well thought and organized. 

After realizing that she has been accidentally locked up in the library for the whole weekend, Autumn Collins thinks that things cannot get worse. But she is not alone, Dax Miller is also there with her. She doesn’t know much about him, just what the gossip says; and she can tell it’s nothing good. So, when she accepts that none of her friends is coming to rescue her, she decides it is time to talk to him. Thus, Autumn finds out that, underneath the antissocial cover, Dax is actually a pretty great guy and they get along very well. But, will the meaningful connection from the library survive the high school drama? 
By Your Side is an underrated book that carries way more than just a cliché love story. Autumn and Dax have both suffered with a lot of things throughout the years and it is very amazing to follow their growth and partnership.

“I hate everyone but her”: It Ends With Us, by Colleen Hoover

As a big fan of Colleen’s books, I may sound suspicious, but believe me when I say this story can change your life and make you think about things you don’t expect. 

Lily Bloom is a young woman who has just moved to Boston and owns a beautiful flower shop. There, she meets Ryle Kincaid, a very charming neurosurgeon. They start a relationship that ends up being nothing that she had expected. In the middle of it, Atlas Corrigan, Lily’s first love, reappears in her life and we get to see a few flashbacks of when they were together and she was the only point of light in his life. Now, Lily sees herself in a crossroad, trying to deal with all the feelings inside her heart. 
It Ends With Us is a powerful story about strength and making the right choices in the darkest times of life. Colleen tackles important social themes, such as toxic relationships, domestic violence and psychological abuse, with a very sensitive touch but also very real, stirring every reader’s emotions.

(Anonymous) Friends To Lovers: Love, Simon, by Becky Albertalli

Last, but not least, Love, Simon is an enchanting book about falling in love for the first time and trying to deal with all the mixed feelings of teenagehood. 

Simon Spier is sixteen years old and gay – but he never talks about it. He is definitely not ashamed of his sexuality but the thought of giving people explanations gives him goosebumps. Nevertheless, his opinions change when he starts talking with Blue, a guy he doesn’t know the real name but is one of the greatest friends ever. After some time emailing each other, Simon realizes he might feel something for the mystery boy and wants to meet him in person. The only problem is that he has no idea of who Blue might be. 
Love, Simon is a great love story that everyone should read. Cute and unexpected, this book is the perfect option for those days that we just need to feel a warmth in our heart. 

Finally, it is clear that there are a lot more good romance books, but this list is just an abstract to some of the known and not-so-known stories that are definitely worth reading. So now, choose one of them and travel to anywhere you like – we promise it will be unforgettable!


The article above was edited by Isabella Gemignani.

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