11 TV Series that Won’t Let You Leave Your Home

Many times we ask ourselves where will we go on the next weekend, but we forget that we don’t have to leave home to enjoy some good entertainment. An example of this are the TV series, that have been growing and defeating the most demanding spectators.

So, if you don’t want to leave home to enjoy life, check out this series. I’m sure you won’t stop watching!

1. Big Mouth

Image Source: IMDB

This animated series approaches the puberty from a fun and different way. With 10 episodes, it show us a group of pre-teens and their difficulties on this stage of life with a lot of fantasy and exaggeration, like a hormone monster that advise the protagonists with their odd problems. But with this fiction, if you pay attention you can notice that many things should be real.

2. Breaking Bad

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It tells the story of a chemistry teacher, Walter White, that works a lot to support his wife and his deficient son and sees his life completely change when he discover a cancer in his lung. The disease makes he start to think about making more money and with the help of his ex student, Jesse, they start to fabricate and deal methamphetamine.

3. Grace and Frankie

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Mixing drama and comedy, this series approaches the elderly life from a different aspect. Many times we think that at the age of 70 it's all over and we won't do anything, but Grace and Frankie demystify it showing us that after breaking up a relationship because their respective husbands fell in love to each other, old ladies can meet new boyfriends, go to parties and feel confident.

 4.  Downtown Abbey

Image Source: IMDB

If you like history and drama, will you love Downtown Abbey! This series show the Crawleys, a aristocrat family and they daily routine. Everything is a drama, specially because they're all different between each other, but everything changes when they need to transform the mansion in a hospital for war injured.

5. Love

Image source: IMDB

This series introduces the relationship of Gus and Michey from a very different way from the usual romance series. Both are recovering from old and failed relationship when they decide to date. But the most interesting about it is the fact that all of the facets are shown in “Love”, from the good to the turbulent times, even the broke up.

6. Mr. Robot

Image Source: IMDB

Elliot Alderson is a cyber security engineer and hacker that suffers from mental disorders. He finds himself in a dead-lock when a leader of hackers recruits him to destroy the company where he works, but his mental disorders can hinder the progress.

7. Outlander

Image Source: IMDB

Mixing time travel and history, Outlander presents the story of Claire, a nurse which discover a portal that takes her to Scotland on 1743 and fall in love for Jamie Fraser. During the series, she will try to get fitted on this strange place and discover much more about herself.

8. Rick and Morty

Image Source: IMDB

Rick and Morty shows the life of a 12 years old boy and his grandfather from the C.137 dimension. Rick C.137 is the most intelligent man of the galaxy and the most tracked to, basically he have a problem with every dimension, so everyone want to jail or torture him. Mixing comedy and science fiction, you will find many Easter eggs and elaborate many theories about their life.

9. Santa Clarita Diet

Image Source: IMDB

This series tells the story about Abby’s family. Everything was very normal until her mother, Sheila, contract a virus that transformed her on a zombie. She starts to putrefy and wants to eat human meat. Abby and her dad will try to find a medicine to contain the rotten, but they will have problems about the human meat.

10. The Good Place

Image Source: IMDB

Eleanor died and had been sent to the good place, but, in fact, she's in the wrong place. She will know many people that judges better than her and will try to become a better person to deserve to be there, but they all will discover that the “good place” isn’t that good.

11. WestWorld

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WestWorld is a thematic park that imitates the Old West and is used to entertain the riches. The park has many androids –the hosts – that are programed to think that they are humans and everything they live are the real world. The visitors can do everything they want without following rules, but a failure on the program makes Dolores – one of the hosts –, start to question her existence and the world that she lives.

After this selection, you won't need to make excuses for not leaving home ;)