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#11 Brands That Are Cruelty Free And You Probably Didn’t Know

The concern about the environment and our planet is increasingly present nowadays. Over the years, the awareness of our actions and their impacts has become clearer to people’s consciousness. Individuals are becoming more aware of the unnecessary harm they do to animals and over time people have a greater understanding that all lives must be respected. 

Because of that, the market is changing and it is molding itself around the current world needs and knowledges. There are many industries arriving at the market or making products that are cruelty free. The term cruelty free means that a brand or a product was developed without any tests on animals and it’s suppliers and third-parties does not uses this procedure of testing. 

Just a reminder: there is a difference between cruelty free and vegan, while the first one refers to all of the production stages not carrying out animal tests, the term vegan means that besides that, the product also does not have any animal-derived ingredients.

Therefore, to help the knowledge and awareness of prioritizing brands that do not promote animal harming, here is a list of 11 cruelty free brands that you probably didn’t know!


Anna Pegova

It is a brand focused on skincare cosmetics for men, women, and teenagers. Anna Pegova left her country, Russia, due to the Russian Revolution, and went to Paris in 1920. She spent years doing dermatological studies until she guaranteed her success in the beauty industry coming up with vegetal peeling (a technique that removes dead cells from the skin). She opened her first Institute in Paris in 1947, and names of the high society of time used her treatments. After traveling to many countries, Anna Pegova decided to settle in Brazil and develop more skincare plans. After Anna's death, the brand was closed in France but remained in Brazilian territory and expanded there. So, if you’re looking for effective and innovative skin treatments that don’t harm animals to get you beautiful glowing skin, this brand is an excellent option!

Australian Gold

Do you want to prepare for summer and get your tan while protecting your skin and not being cruel to animals? Australian Gold products are a great solution for you! Most known for its suntan lotion and accelerator, the brand produces a variety of sun care products. The founder Trevor Gray began selling its products in Florida, but today they sell over 50 countries all around the world.  


It is a skincare company that has innovative biotechnology with the concern of making effective and safe products without harming the environment and animals. The brand sells cosmetics that do not have any toxic ingredients to people and the environment and has all of its packages being completely recyclable. They are very known for creating a sugarcane-derived version of oil used in moisturizers and other skincare products that were only found in sharks, bringing a solution to shark hunting. So, if you are looking for a safe and clean skincare routine, this brand is a great option to end your search!


It is a Brazilian brand that produces oral care products at accessible prices. Besides being cruelty-free, the brand is also vegan, which is great news for people who adhere to this lifestyle. Nowadays the brand is exporting to other countries in Latin America. Cruelty-free oral hygiene is one of the most difficult types of not harming animal products to find, so especially for Brazilian inhabitants, this is a fantastic choice for getting your oral hygiene done without having to be cruel to animals to achieve that.


A Brazilian brand that produces cosmetics and products for personal hygiene. The brand is much known for its oat milk product that was launched in 1978 and brought huge innovation to the moisturizer market at the time. It is a great choice if you are looking for soaps, face and body moisturizers, deodorants, and other products that will make you feel clean and perfumed, and with a plus: without harming animals to get that feeling!


It is a German company and it is one of the best-selling makeup brands in Europe. Over time, it expanded its sales to many other countries, such as the United States, Canada, and Brazil. The brand is known for its affordable prices combined with high-quality products and for its fun and youthful packaging. It sells all kinds of makeup, such as foundations, mascaras, and many others, brushes and nail polishes. If you are looking for low-priced products with guaranteed quality and cool covers that are not tested on animals, Essence is the most accurate solution for you!


It is a global beauty brand founded in 1904 that sells hair and skincare products. Over the years, Garnier is walking towards a more sustainable beauty and has recently been approved as a cruelty-free brand by Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny Programme, a leading organization that works to end animal testing. In 2020, the brand announced the Greener Beauty initiative, which contributes to amplifying sustainability and counts on actions such as the production of recyclable packaging, eco-designed formulas, and providing more support to communities thus expanding their solidarity. If you are concerned about your skin and hair health and beauty, Garnier is a good brand to help you start a self-care routine while you are supporting a cruelty-free and sustainable brand.

The Body Shop

It is a British company that sells cosmetics, skincare, and perfume. Anita Roddick, who is an environmental and human rights activist, founded it in 1976. Since the beginning, the brand was concerned with supporting communities, sustainability, and fighting animal tests, among other values that they carry until today. The brand gathered four million signatures for a petition in a campaign against animal testing and delivered it to the European Commission, and because of that animal tests in products and ingredients were prohibited in the United Kingdom in 1998.


A Brazilian brand of hair products founded in 2003 by Manuela Bossa. She was motivated by noticing a lack of high-quality national products in the beauty salons in the country. The entrepreneur developed cosmetics that are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals. Truss became a much-requested brand by professionals in salons but is also very used by people at home. The company expanded to the United States in 2014.


It is also a Brazilian brand, which was founded in 1938 and started up as a bakery in São Paulo, selling artisan loaves of bread. It is known for its pioneering spirit over the years manufacturing the most varied types of loaves of bread. Nowadays, the brand sells industrialized products ranging from loaves of bread and toasts to cookies and other sweets. 


If you’re looking for complete lines of laundry, home, and body care that do not provides cruelty to animals when producing its products, this brand is a great catch! The company Ypê sells products such as detergents, bleach, softeners, and many other items related to cleaning and hygiene. It was founded in 1950 in a small city in São Paulo, Brazil, but nowadays the brand exports its products to countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The brand is very involved in various social initiatives and invests in many projects related to health, education, and the environment.   


The article above was edited by Helena Leite.

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