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Best Easy Snacks for the Starving Collegiette

One of the things I love most in this world is, unabashedly, food. But one of the other things I love most in the world is lying in bed and doing nothing. Unfortunately, these two things don’t often mesh well so, in order to reconcile these two traits, I’ve come up with many tricks of the trade. Basically, I’m here to share how to make easy delicious dishes with minimal dish washing and time spent actually cooking in order to maximize lounging about time.

1)   Fancy Mac and Cheese

You can usually find Kraft boxed mac and cheese for $10/10 packs at the grocery store… what a steal! While it is life changingly delicious just as it is, I usually choose to spice it up with a little something something. You can microwave bacon on folded up paper towels (saving dishes!) till its super crisp and crumble it up and add it. You can also cook hot dogs in the microwave, and add it to your mac and cheese. I also like to add some garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and crushed red peppers, just to give it a little extra kick. When it’s that good, it’s totally okay to eat an entire box by yourself in one sitting.

2) Fancy Sandwiches

Sandwiches are kind of a college student’s lifeblood (insert “make me a sandwich, woman!” joke here). All jokes aside though, I make a damn good sandwich –and yes, boys, I am currently single. I’ve found that the trick to making a delicious sandwich instead of just a meh sandwich is a frying pan. Just make whatever sandwich you normally would then channel your inner Paula Deen –no shame– and fry it up with a tablespoon or so of butter. It automatically elevates your sandwich from just-another-afternoon-snack to oh-my-god-how-have-I-lived-without-these. Seriously, grill up a fried PB&J – it’ll change your life.

3) Crescent Rolls

You can literally make anything out of crescent rolls. There is an entire online community dedicated to repurposing crescent rolls into real live food instead of just a boring dinnertime side. If you stuff them with nutella, they become dessert. If you stuff them with pepperonis and cheese, they become pizza. You can even stuff them with ground beef and melty cheese and make little burger bombs. The possibilities are endless.

4) Nutella Cup Brownie

¼ cup + 1 tsp nutella

1 egg, beaten

2 tsp flour

That’s literally it. You just mix all that stuff up and put it in a microwave safe mug and zap it for a minute. The recipe recommends that you let it cool and set for 15-30 minutes before consuming (LOL, right??). I recommend you just try not to burn your tongue and mouth too badly while scarfing it down as quickly as possible.

5) Ramen

I think I ate more ramen my freshman year than I ever did for the first 18 years of my life combined. After eating ramen five times a week for a few months, the stuff just gets boring. To liven it up, I’ve found the key is variety. Don’t just stick with chicken, branch out to beef, or pork, or even seafood (but stay away from the veggie crap – ew). Maybe even stop by the Asian section and indulge in some real ramen… seriously, we invented the stuff. We do it better. Always poach an egg into your cooking noodles, they take about the same amount of time to cook. Just like with mac and cheese, throw a hot dog in there. And if you’re feeling healthy, you can just add some spinach to the boiling noodles too.

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