Vanessa Quiroz: Mi Gente

Meet Vanessa Quiroz, a junior at Carthage majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Outside of her schoolwork, she is very involved on campus as an active member of the National sorority Chi Omega, a participant in intramural athletics, member of BSU, and the president of the multicultural org Mi Gente. Fortunately, Her Campus Carthage was able to interview Vanessa about her important role on campus as president of Mi Gente and what they have in store for the rest of the school year!

HC: What is Mi Gente?

VQ: Mi Gente, formally known as Latinx, is an organization seeking to educate the Carthage community and provide a safe, inviting and inclusive atmosphere for Hispanic students. This is not to say we do not welcome people who may not identify ethnically as Hispanic. Our mission for Mi Gente is to fulfill promises of inclusion and unity by advocating for leadership, education, and the empowerment of our student body.

HC: What are some of your greatest challenges as president of Mi Gente?

VQ: In the past, I would say member attendance was a challenge, but we've overcome this! This is my first term as president of Mi Gente and it has gone smoothly. A challenge I faced this semester is delegating tasks to our members. Until a few weeks ago I was running the club without an active executive board. Fortunately, we've recently elected our organization's leaders and I could not be more excited to see them shine in their new roles!

HC: What events/activities have you done this semester?

VQ: Here are some of the things Mi Gente has done this semester:

- We took a field trip to see the musical In the Heights

- Mi Gente members presented Salsa Night which was a hit!

- Involved in solidarity marches against ICE, advocating for undocumented immigrants in Kenosha/Racine area

- Attended a “Know Your Rights Training” presented by local non-profit organization Voces De La Frontera

HC: What are some goals you have for Mi Gente for the remainder of your time at Carthage?

VQ: Some of my goals for Mi Gente include:

- Continue to be involved in the community outside Carthage

- Develop relationship with Parkside group, Latinos Unidos

- Host events on campus that expose my peers to issues that may not affect them directly but still are important

- Plant a seed in individuals to use their privilege to advocate for those who lack it

- Increase membership!

HC: When and where do you meet?

VQ: We meet every Wednesday at 4:30p in the Tower Seminar Room 110.

HC: What are some tips/advice you have for being the head of such an important organization on campus?

VQ: Possessing time management and organizational skills is crucial in being the head of an organization on campus. A tip I would give to someone looking to obtain a leadership role in an organization is to ensure that you are passionate about the club/org, you will find success and fulfillment if your heart is in it.

HC: Anything we should look out for from Mi Gente this school year?

VQ: Look out for future events! We have big plans for next semester beginning with a “Know Your Rights” presentation that will be given by Dr. Stephanie Mitchell as well as a celebration in which we will have catered food and dance. This is more of a social event whereas the Know Your Rights event is informative and educational.

Thank you, Vanessa, for taking the time to talk to Her Campus! If you want to stay up to date with what she’s up to next, follow her on Instagram!