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College campuses tend to be hot spots for germs. It seems like there’s always at least one person in your class or living on your floor who’s sick. When you’re constantly surrounded by sick people, it can be really difficult to avoid illness. Here are some ways to avoid getting sick on and off campus.

1. Wash your hands

Make sure that you’re always washing your hands. Before you cook or eat, wash your hands. Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Wash them after you touch germ “hot spots” like door handles, the fridge handle or any other place that gets touched all the time. Having clean hands is an extremely important step to having a healthy body.

2. Clean

Clean your room! Wash your sheets, wipe down your fridge and microwave handles, clean off your desk and sanitize your doorknob. Clean everything that you touch. Make sure the areas that you have the ability to clean are clean. Don’t just clean these things once every few months, do it often. Keep the environment around you clean and it can help keep you healthy. 

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3. Take care of yourself

Get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat healthy foods, wear a coat, exercise, manage your stress and do anything else you can to take care of yourself. Help out your immune system. A healthy body means a healthy immune system.

4. If you do get sick, avoid others

You can’t always avoid getting sick, but you can try and avoid getting others sick. Try and isolate yourself as much as possible. Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze and wash your hands even more than normal.

Taking care of yourself and the area around you are the best ways to avoid getting sick. I hope this helps you stay healthy on campus!

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Sierra Eno

Carthage '19

Sierra is a junior at Carthage College majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Political Science. She loves dogs, pizza, cookie dough, and crime shows.