7 Ways to Spring Into New Beginnings

It may not feel like spring in Wisconsin, but trust me, it's here. Spring cleaning is something we all know and do, right? But what about starting something new? This spring season doesn’t have to be just about cleaning out your room, it can be about trying something new to shake up your normal routine.  Now that the weather is starting to get nicer, here are some things to try out this spring.

1. Yoga Classes

Based on what I’ve learned in my two-credit yoga class I took at Carthage, I truly learned that there's more to yoga than being flexible. It’s about your state of mind. Meditation is an aspect that some tend to forget when they think of yoga. There are different levels of classes offered, and there are sure to be some in your area!

2. Journaling

Don’t knock it until you try it! I personally have found journaling to be incredibly therapeutic, but when I suggest it to others, I tend to hear the same excuses: “I’m not a writer,” or, “I don’t have time to do it every day.” The amazing thing about journaling is that it’s all you. You can write however you like because you’re the only one who will see it. You can write for hours, or jot a few sentences. Ultimately, this activity is for you and only you, so do it how you want!

3. Walks or bike rides

When the weather is finally nice, you need to take advantage of it. Making it a routine to take a walk or bike ride is a great way to get yourself outside. An extra bonus: you can explore your area and find new places that may have gone unnoticed when driving.

4. Reading Books

The best way to pass the time is reading a good book. There are an unspeakable amount of books out there in the world, so even if you say “I hate reading,” there’s bound to be something that’ll spark your interest. My advice is to start with a genre you like. Like stories with action? Love stories? There’s a book for that.

5. Cooking your own meals

If you have access to a kitchen, learning to cook or trying new recipes is a great way to discover new foods and meals. There are so many options out there to look for recipes as well, such as YouTube videos, online cookbooks and the classic Facebook video.

6. Listening to podcasts

A new trend that I’ve noticed among my peers is people listening to podcasts. Although a little apprehensive, I did research and discovered that, just like books, there are all different types of podcasts. With a little Google searching, you can find links to podcast stations of all different kinds!

7. DIY/Crafting

If you’re very hands-on and love decorating, why not give your home/space some new decorations? Just like many of the other options listed, there are tons of resources to draw inspiration from (Pinterest!), as well as ways to make this project your own.

Whatever sparks your interest, there are so many activities and options out there for you to try out. It’s never too late to start something new, so why not let spring be the perfect time to discover something new about yourself?