6 At-Home Glute Workouts for Your Summer Body

Summer is right around the corner. Even though for us Midwesterners it doesn’t feel like it, summer is still coming. Some of us have been preparing for this time of year by getting our summer bodies ready in the gym, while some of us have been less consistent (like myself). If your time is restricted or you simply feel too self-conscious to go to the gym, consider incorporating these six different beginner-friendly-at-home glute workouts into your busy week to make those glutes pop in that swimsuit you already have for the summer.

  1. 1. Squats

  2. 2. Donkey Kicks

  3. 3. Hip Thrusts

  4. 4. Side Lunges

  5. 5. Fire Hydrants

  6. 6. Lunges

Sticking to a regular exercise regimen will help you feel happy and healthy, so get started! It's never too late to get into shape.