5 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year After Undergrad

Today it seems like undergraduate degrees are just not enough. Students are going to graduate school, medical school, law school and receiving their postgraduate degrees to have a chance in this ultra-competitive job market. However, in this society, it seems that there's an imaginary clock that's ticking, and it's telling us that we have to start our careers right away in order to be successful, but this just isn't true. There's no need to rush into your career if you feel like you need a break. Taking a break - such as a gap year - can be beneficial for yourself financially and mentally. Here are just some of the reasons as to why taking some time after you graduate can be useful.

1. You can save money

We all know what it means to be a broke college student with student loans. Graduating from college without a lot of money and immediately pursuing a postgraduate degree can be scary when you’re poor. Now that you have an undergraduate degree, taking a gap year is a perfect time to find a good paying job to save money before you start your postgraduate studies.

2. It's a mental break

We all need to rest and time for ourselves. Self-care is important and taking a year off could be beneficial for you and your overall well-being. That school and future career you're thinking about will still be there after your gap year. Don’t rush - take that mental break from school if you need it.

3. You can plan your future

If you’re unsure about what career you want to jump into after college, this gap year could be essential for taking time to think through your plans and figure out what you want your future to look like.

4. Improve your career opportunities

Networking is an important factor in being successful. During this year off, you can make connections by attending workshops and connecting with others who are on the same path as you are. This can lead to a lot of open doors in the future. You can also work abroad or take on a volunteering project - it's a great way to boost your resume and do things that you actually want to do!

5. You can travel

Discover the world while you can. There won’t be as many opportunities to travel while pursuing your postgraduate degree, and once you finish your postgraduate degree, the focus is usually on your career. So take this chance to travel and gather stories from all around the world.

Graduation doesn't mark the end of your "fun" years - but it's the beginning of some of the best years of your life. So if a gap year between your undergrad and whatever it is you want to get into sounds right to you, then it's time to start planning!