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4 Ways to Dress Professional on a Budget

Congrats on your internship! I knew you would get that job! Good luck on your upcoming interview! These are all major events that require a level of professionalism your current wardrobe might not necessarily reflect. Don’t worry though! There are plenty of ways to dress professionally on a budget.

1. Invest in the basics

If you’re going to spend more money on professional attire, it’s a good call to invest in some staple pieces that will hold up for years to come. Pieces such as a black blazer, black or gray trousers, cardigans and cute flats are timeless pieces that can be worn at any event. No one will notice if you wore the same pair of black pants three days in a row if you change up the blouse. Ideally, if the quality is good enough, you wouldn’t ever have to purchase these items again.

2. Visit thrift stores

While thrift stores can often be hit or miss, they are a great way to get cute tops on a budget. Keep an eye out for themed discount days, such as student discount days or discounts on women’s clothes, to get business attire at an even greater markdown. To ensure you’re able to find the best pieces of clothing before anyone else gets it, check with your local resale store to see what days the display their new merchandise.

3. Shop at outlet stores

Outlet stores are the best stores! Retailers send last season merchandise to their outlet stores and sell them at a discounted price. They’re a great place to buy basic staples or to get cute blouses and dresses that normally would be expensive.  Luckily for us, there are two outlet malls within an hour drive of campus. Both the Pleasant Prairie outlet mall and the Gurnee Mills outlet mall are a quick drive away!

Image source HauteLook

4. Look Online

Take your thrifting skills to the internet! There are plenty of websites that sell clothing at a discounted price. ThreadUP is a digital thrift store that sells gently used clothes online. From clothes to accessories, you will be sure to be able to build up your closet with business attire essentials. HauteLook sells designer brands at a discounted price, and everything you buy is new. Hautelook also sells beauty supplies as well as home goods.

There are so many ways to dress professional while on a budget, so there is no need to stress. Now get out there and rock your power suit!

Taylor Beck is a junior at Carthage College majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Political Science. When she needs a break from wild first graders, Taylor spends her time cross stitching, binge watching The Office (again), or going to Taco Belle with her sisters of Kappa Phi Eta.
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