12 Clothing Struggles Aquatic Athletes Know Too Well

From denim to tights and everything in between, all aquatic athletes know the struggle of having to get dressed after practice. From relatable struggles, such as ripping the seams on leggings because your legs weren't dry enough, to the not-so-relatable, like having to get two teammates to untangle a sports bra because your shoulders couldn't handle it anymore, here's a list of clothing struggles anybody who has ever spent any time in a body of water will recognize immediately.

  • For many, putting on jeans after practice is practically impossible (especially once tight/skinny jeans became the norm)
  • Yet somehow leggings are significantly worse
  • Putting on a sports bra is a team effort, but they're just so much more comfortable
  • You don't even think about trying to get ready for a fancy event because that's just not going to happen
  • Especially trying to put on nylon stockings. Just...no.
  • T-shirts are fine but they always inevitably end up with some big wet spot around the neck or on the back because of wet hair
  • You know what, literally anything you wear will end up with some random wet spot somewhere so just plan for that
  • Without practice, deck changing will result in flashing and/or straight up public nudity
  • But if you're wearing a fastskin you shouldn't even attempt a deck change
  • Somehow your shoulders and thighs doubled in size over the past hour so everything seems to get stuck at those two points
  • When it comes to putting on socks there are three types of people: those who stand on some sort of surface (a bench or a towel), those who sit down to dry their feet, and disgusting heathens who do neither
  • Unless they're a size too big, pullover hoodies will somehow amplify the scent of chlorine to the point where you can actually smell yourself

In short, getting dressed after practice is hard. The only truly safe outfit are onesie pajamas...even though it's not quite yet socially acceptable. But despite all of the trials and tribulation, ripped leggings, wet shirts, and chlorine hair, there are only two thoughts that are constantly ~swimming~ through your head: "What's for lunch?" And...