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Music helps with the healing. I personally have no idea how it helps, but I know it does. For example, I didn’t really feel anything after my breakup until I was laying on my bed half-crying, half-in shock, and Taylor Swift’s “Last Kiss” played. 

That’s when I lost it. 

Since then, I have found some of the very best breakup songs out there and I am here to help you find your post-breakup groove.

First off, breakup songs come in all different vibes. We have the ones you listen to so you can cry; we have the “I hate your living guts” breakup songs; then we have the ones that you listen to for their words of wisdom.  

The heartbreakers

Let’s start off with the heartbreakingly sad ones; the ones that have you crying on the floor in the middle of the night. Believe it or not, sometimes crying helps you let all the pain out, so here we go:

This one is a recent release by Lauren Spencer Smith, who got famous on TikTok and now boasts over three million followers. The song pretty much goes through a relationship that ends and she realizes “all you did was prove me wrong; when you said you loved me well you must have had your fingers crossed.” OUCH!

This song by Sara Kays talks about healing after a breakup and how after a few months she felt alright, but then her ex reaches out and all her healing goes out the window. This one's for the girls with exes that can’t seem to let go even if they are the ones that broke you. Big shoutout to those girls.

I obviously had to include this one by Taylor Swift on the list. The song is pretty much about her realization that the person who she thought was going to be her "forever" actually wasn’t, and that she never thought they would have a last kiss (spoiler: they do have a last kiss).

The "I hate you's"

Okay, now we have my favourite kind of breakup song: the “I hate you” song. Even if you don’t actually hate your ex, these are some good ones to get you in a bad b*tch vibe.

The full version and the edit of "Happier Than Ever" are both *chef’s kiss*

It's perfect to scream with your friends as you're driving down the highway. Billie gets it; she understands the anger and the pain and you can hear it in her voice, which makes this song literally the best angry breakup song ever.

These two songs by Gayle and Nessa Barrett are both very petty, but we love that. Sometimes you need a little petty, especially after a bad breakup.

Both these songs found their popularity on TikTok and now they are huge. The songs dive into the side of you that’s really angry from the hurt you were put through and having that anger be validated through these types of songs can be a great feeling.

This one by Gabby Barrett is for the country fans! This song explains how she wants someone to do to him what he did to her. She wants him to hurt the way he made her hurt. Honestly... a MOOD. This song is for the girls who got cheated on and the ones who were betrayed by the person they thought they could trust.

The Words of Wisdom

Lastly, we have the kind of breakup songs that offer some good advice, even if it's tough to hear. 

This one by JP Saxe pretty much tells you to cut off your ex completely (block them, delete them, drop their friends). Trust me, I know it’s hard, and it takes time for you to be ready to do that, but the song is great encouragement to cut those ties.

"Good as Hell" by Lizzo is such a feel-good song! It tells you to not let yourself be treated like sh*t and to pick yourself up and keep moving. It really is great advice and the song will genuinely make you feel better.

This song by Little Mix is kind of cheesy (and a little petty), but in all truth, it brings up a great point. Be proud of who you are and what you overcame, whether that be a bad breakup or a toxic relationship. Celebrate who you are now and the fact that you don’t have to be weighed down by someone who wasn’t all that great to begin with.

I could have included dozens more songs, but that’s it for now. Find some more below if you need some ideas to start a new playlist:

Andrea is a Journalism and Law combined honours student with a minor in English Literature. She loves keeping busy with school, work and writing. Andrea loves to read all kinds of books and has found that writing is her favorite way to unwind. Andrea is involved with greek life and philanthropy on campus and hopes to go to law school after her undergrad.
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