WTF Am I Going To Wear To Panda?

Hey Ravens, it’s that time of year again (no, sadly not reading week yet), but the next best thing. Panda week has arrived.

Whether it’s your first time attending the party, or you’re an upper-year pro, we all need a little help from our friends sometimes when deciding on the perfect outfit.

1. Frosh to Fresh

Looking good doesn't need to break the bank. Remember those Carleton T-shirts you get during frosh week?

Photo by Kennedy Chamberlain

Yeah, these ones. The ones you wear to bed and will never see the light of day. With a little DIY magic, these oversized tees can be your own custom Carleton creation.  Find a DIY video here.

Photo by CUSA Photography

2. Bandanas & Boas

For both guys and gals bandanas make the perfect addition to a panda outfit. You probably have some left over from Canada Day, so use them to show some schools spirit.

Photo by CUSA Photography

Grab a Boa at the dollar store for a fun touch!

Photo by jenadlam on Instagram

3. It’s War 

Panda Game is an all-out battle between the Gee-Gees and the Ravens. Add a little black and red war paint to your cheeks to show that you’re ready to win the fight.Photo by CUSA Photography


If you want to do something a bit different, try a black lipstick like this Raven did


Photo by hayaalhafez on Instagram

4. Keep Comfortable

I don’t know much about football, but I do know that four hours is a long time to sit and watch, so get comfortable. Pair a comfy Carleton sweater with black leggings or your favorite jeans for a pleasant Panda Game experience.

Photo by CUSA Photography


Pro Comfort Tip: Rock that crew-neck or oversized rugby shirt as a sweater-dress! 


5. Dress for the Occasion

Both the bookstore and CUSA have released exclusive Panda merch this year. So take it to the next level while having a keepsake from the 50th anniversary of Panda (and our inevitable 5-peat). 

Photo by on Instagram

*These tops can be picked up for $25 at 401 UC. 


So, get out your red boa, knee-high socks, and favorite Carleton sweater so you too can be ready to ask the hard-hitting question: ‘WTF’s a GeeGee?’ instead of ‘WTF am I going to wear to Panda?’