Ten Reasons Why University is Better Than High School

Making the leap from high school to university is a daunting one but how different are they really?  Well, there are actually quite a few differences between secondary and post-secondary, at the latter you might find yourself living away from home and being treated like a somewhat self-sufficient adult.  Check out the list below for the real reasons why people cannot wait to get to university.

1. You’re never bored.

The most surprising thing I found about university is how busy I am all the time.  Between attending classes, doing assignments, participating in extracurriculars, keeping up a social life and working part-time you never have a spare minute to be bored. 

2. People are friendly.

There are no more nasty looks across the hallway from that girl you’re pretty sure you’ve never seen smile. There is no more gossip and cliques are seldom found.  At university you find yourself talking to strangers in the elevator and in line while you wait to get your lunch - you are able to make connections everywhere.  Now, when I walk across campus and smile at a stranger most of them will smile right back.  

3. It is not weird to eat by yourself.

Whether you have a break between classes or you just want some time to yourself you can head down to the cafeteria to study, listen to music or just sit there and enjoy your food.  There are no pitying looks, no staring and no judgement because you are an adult who does not need a group of people around you to feel secure in your actions.  

4. You are genuinely interested in the courses you’re taking.

High school is structured so that students study a small portion of each subject in order to figure out what they enjoy the most. In university, for the most part, even your required courses are ones you enjoy because you love your program.  You are able to feel excited about school and that’s no small feat.

5. Living away from home makes you appreciate it more.

You won’t feel truly homesick until the morning that you try to make eggs and realize that you don’t have any salt or pepper.  Come to think of it, you don’t even have salt and pepper shakers.  Having other little things like dryer sheets, a pair of scissors, or even buying toilet paper is something you most likely took for granted when you lived with your parents.   

6. Walking through the quad always makes you feel like you are in a movie scene.

Everything feels surreal.  University is such an amazing experience and the memories you make there will last a lifetime.  It’s still school, but unlike high school, you’re thrown out into the big wide world and making your way on your own.  You almost feel the need to play an intense theme song as you walk around campus. (Note: If you feel this urge do not stifle it - creativity should be expressed!)

7. All of your assignments are not due for at least a month.

You get all of your assignments and due dates during the first class in September and realize that none of them are due until October or November.  In high school you would receive an assignment on Monday that would be due by the coming Friday or even the next day - that is not a likely scenario in university.  You are given so much time to do your assignments but that time comes with the expectation that the work you are producing is even better than anything you did in high school.  University classes demand more from you - this ties into being treated as an adult. Don’t waste your opportunities to succeed and find your niche!

8. Dating is easier.

It’s still not easy, but it’s definitely easier.  If you have an interest in getting to know someone you can just ask them out.  There are no cliques or games being played for the most part.  University is a much more casual environment where everyone just wants to enjoy themselves and make new friends. 

9. You will be treated as an adult.

You will notice straight away that your professors and teaching assistants won’t hold your hand throughout the course.  If you do not do the readings and assignments the only person you end up hurting is you. Faculty members believe that you are an adult who makes your own decisions and it’s up to you to stay on top of things - try not to prove them wrong.

10. You are an actual adult now.

Unlike high school your daily actions can make a major impact on your future. You can vote now - make your voice count.  You can go to adult jail if you get on the wrong side of the law. You can go broke. You can buy furniture.  You can do everything you thought you were capable of and more.  Being a responsible adult means knowing that you can party 24/7 but not actually following through with a schedule like that because it won’t keep you on budget, in school, or in good health. Your parental safety net is a distant memory and that is equal parts terrifying and liberating. Embrace your freedom and embrace university - these next four years will be some of the best years of your life.