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Self Care Reminders for the Second Half of the Semester

It’s the second half of the semester Raven’s, reading week is over and boy did time fly.  Some of us are jumping back into midterms, others are already on to end of semester projects and assignments. All of that can be a lot. So, here are some ways to take care of yourself when it seems like you’ve got too much going on.

Treat yourself with your favourite movie.

You’re probably thinking you don’t have time to sit and watch a movie, and honestly, you probably don’t. But treat it like a show and watch your favourite films in 20- to 30-minute intervals to wind down at the end of the night. My go to is Harry Potter. Pick something you don’t have to focus on too hard, the point is to get your brain to quiet down.

Trade-in your shower for a bath.

Get yourself some essential oils, bath bombs or Epson salts and kick back for a good soak. Use scents like lavender to relax you, or mint when you’re trying to get energized. The bath is a good way to multi-task on leisure activities, take this time to read a book, or listen to that new album you haven’t had the chance to check out yet.

Study with your friends.

Obviously you have to choose who you work with carefully, but make studying not so depressing by surrounding yourself with friends. Your friends may have varying schedules, but one thing you all have in common is schoolwork. If you can’t make time for socializing, still make time to see those important to you, just in a productive setting.


This is one of the first things we seem to give up as students. Whether it’s a last-minute all-nighter or getting up before class to put the finishing touches on an assignment, we’ve all done it. Not only is it unhealthy to not getting enough sleep, it’s not productive. You may think you’ve got your all-nighter routine down pat, but the work you do when sleep deprived is guaranteed not your best. Take the extra z’s and finish that paper tomorrow.

Eat right.

Finding time to cook sometimes seems impossible. Try setting aside two times a week and meal prep. If you don’t give your body the things it needs, you’re going to feel sluggish and not be able to do the things you want to.


If you’re not a gym person maybe try an exercise class, but when you’re feeling down exercise really increases your endorphins. Sweating may not be your favourite feeling, but energized and happy is definitely one of mine. So, bear the sweat to get the benefits.

And that’s all Ravens, six easy self care reminders so you can go into exam season feeling like your best self!

Kennedy is originally from Halifax, N.S. but moved to Canada's capital to pursue her love of Journalism at Carleton. She is in her fifth and final (fingers crossed) year and is proud to call Ottawa her second home. A former executive team member of Her Campus Carleton, Kennedy is passionate about participating with the chapter and continuing to watch our girl gang grow. In her free time Kennedy enjoys playing guitar, singing and seeking out a cozy chair to study in at one of Ottawa's amazing coffee shops. A self proclaimed caffeine addict, more often than not you'll find her with a coffee in hand.
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