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Meet the Her Campus Carleton Team: Cherlene Eloria

My name is Cherlene and I’m the marketing and publicity director of Her Campus at Carleton. I’m in my third year of a combined honours in journalism and law.

While both of my majors keep me busy, getting involved in my community both on and off campus has helped me grow as a person in ways academics has not.

I’m currently planning Pinoys on Parliament, a national youth leadership conference that will bring together 100 young Filipino-Canadians in Ottawa next weekend. Surprisingly, this project (and the lovely people I’ve befriended through it) have inspired me to immerse myself further in my Filipino culture. I’m currently practicing my Tagalog, which will be handy when I spend this coming summer in the Philippines.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I love Ottawa. Although I’ve been here all my life, I’m always discovering new places! Some of my favourite spots in the city are Major’s Hill Park, the Glebe and the hundreds of cute coffee shops we have around.

In my spare time, I love seeing shows, playing the ukulele, riding my longboard, trying new restaurants and spending way to much money on bubble tea. I also never hesitate on a road trip and I love to camp and go on adventures with my friends and family.

Fun fact: While I love being in J-school, I actually want to be a lawyer!

To leave you with some humble advice: live life at your own pace because it isn’t a race! Along the way I hope you find something you’re passionate about and that you latch onto that.

If you see me around on campus, please say hi and let’s be friends!

Cherlene Eloria

Carleton '20

Cherlene is a third year journalism and law student at Carleton University. She loves road trips, musical theatre and binge watching food and travel vlogs.
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