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I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, But That’s Okay

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carleton chapter.

I love getting lost in books. It is as though I embody the main character along the way and I think that’s why I enjoy reading. The main characters already have their story written out for them and as a reader, I have the choice to follow along or even skip a couple of pages. But then once I get to the end, I ask myself “What’s next?”

It’s easy to feel lost within the music of how life is or is not supposed to be. And this is how I feel about my own life. I tend to romanticize the career of my dreams, the friend group of a lifetime, and the adventurous things I aspire to do. I always wonder what’s next for me, or who I am exactly. But as of now, I’m as lost as I’ll ever be, and that’s okay.

It’s Easy to Lose YOurself

Our well-being is one of the most important things to take care of in our life but is often shadowed by other things. The feeling of loneliness and uncertainty can make embracing life much more difficult. And I have gone through these feelings many times before. It’s hard to feel lost and uncertain about what’s next, but for the first time in my life, I noticed how much I was “fixing” my life more than living it.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the process of making yourself. Once you dig a bit deeper into those negative emotions, the harder it is to get back to surface level. It may feel like there is no good coming from the bad, but is this how society wants us to feel?

I notice how much pressure society puts on us to be perfect and normal but, nothing is perfect… or ‘normal’. And it’s okay to not have your whole life planned out every step of the way. It’s okay to go back to what you know, whether it’s reconnecting with yourself, or finding nostalgia in your favourite childhood movies. But what if you need to slow down and take a break? That’s okay too. We shouldn’t have all this pressure to live an ordinary life or to live the greatest life. Part of life’s journey is to feel everything, and to discover who you are, and to love every step of the way. But it’s inevitable to have bad days and bad moments too. And hey, I would rather feel everything than feel nothing at all.

Life Isn’t As Put Together As It Seems

You don’t need to have your whole life planned out.

Think of it this way, if you were to introduce yourself to me right now, or maybe somebody completely new, could you do it without mentioning your career, your goals and dreams, and your favourite hobbies?

Here, I will go first:

“Hi, I’m Hailey. I am an open book about my life’s challenges as it weighs on my brain. I speak my truth and I’m proud of that. But I move so fast in this life, I forget to slow down. But I’m human and I am a sucker for the ups and downs. I am a hopeless romantic and I search for it in everything. I giggle when find something funny, I am in awe when the seasons change. I want to make a difference, and only time will tell. But life is quite beautiful but I have a lot of unlearning to do.”

It’s all going to be okay

It’s beautiful to be able to dig deep into our conscious mind and discover who we truly are. Life was never meant to feel like a never-ending cycle of needing to know your every move. This time is meant for you to discover who you are and what you stand for as an individual.

I think you would be surprised about how amazing you truly are and how much life has to offer to you. And in reality, no one has their life 100 percent figured out. You can’t predict the future and what it will hold, but you can choose to live in the present and remember that life is more than just surviving. You have time, you have dreams, and there is no reason to doubt yourself otherwise.

You don’t need to have it figured out. But if you are trying to regain control of your life, start by getting to know who you are.

Hailey David

Carleton '25

Hailey is the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director for the 2024/2025 year. Hailey is a fourth year Media Production and Design student. Not only is she staying present in the social media world, but she is creating her own designs in various projects. Outside of her degree, she is passionate about mental health and creating content. Currently, she is on her co-op term, exploring the media world. Music is her passion, whether she is creating her 50th playlist on Spotify, or writing her own music, it continues to be present in her world. She is fascinated by art, the warmth of tea, and the comfort of reading. But of course, if she had the chance to rewatch The Fosters or Shadowhunters a third or fourth time, she would.