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With people having a bit more time on their hands this year, it may be a great time to try making homemade Christmas gifts. They can be more affordable than store-bought and give you a fun project to work on to kill time. Each of these gifts is useful and easy to make. Receiving a handmade gift is so special so I hope these ideas inspire you to try making some Christmas gifts this year.


Now that you’re at home more than ever, candles are a great way to create a nice and cozy atmosphere. Making your own candles is also pretty easy! Craft stores like Michael’s have wax, wicks and scents that you can choose from. Making your own candle also gives you the opportunity to use unique candleholders or maybe even put in flowers or herbs.

Here is a video to get started!


With people cooking at home more often, a handmade apron may be a great gift for the chef in your family. There are tons of free apron patterns online and it could be a great way to practice sewing. You can also customize the fabric and add letters, embroidery, or iron-on patches to make a truly unique gift. 

Here is a link to an easy apron pattern.


Knitting is a great skill to learn since you can always make something for the people in your life, whether that be a sweater, baby blanket or mittens, the options are endless. Making a scarf is a great first project as a knitter since you only have to learn one stitch; after that, the process is pretty straightforward. Even with a simple scarf, you can choose from an array of yarns at your local craft store or even Walmart to make a special gift for one of your family members or friends.

Here is a great video on how to knit a scarf.

Bath Bombs

A relaxing bath bomb may be the perfect gift for anyone who’s had a stressful year. Making your own bath bombs also means that you can be creative with the colour and scent to make a unique gift. It may sound a bit intimidating, but you can buy all of the ingredients at your local superstore and craft store.

Here is a great video on how to make bath bombs.


Drinking coffee or tea is a regular part of many peoples’ days, so a DIY mug is an incredibly useful gift. There are a number of easy designs online to make a customized mug for your friend or family member.

Here is a link to a video on how to paint mugs.

Hopefully these helped get your mind churning out some great gift ideas, or at the very least acted as a good jumping-off point for something totally different yet still perfectly creative! 2020 has been a year of surprises and there’s no doubt the charm of a good homemade gift will be the best kind.

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