College Halloween Costume Ideas for this Year's Spooky Season

When university can take over your entire life, finding a costume for Halloween can be difficult. The spooky season is approaching at lighting speed let us help you find the perfect costume this Halloween!

  1. 1. Simple and sexy

    These costumes may have already been done but they are called clichés for a reason. Inexpensive, easy to put together and always a hit. On the top of this list is both an angel and a devil. These for costumes require nothing more than wither horns or a halo, and an outfit to match. Take inspiration from the picture below and save yourself a ton of time with this costume! Another great option is any animal with ears, a cat or a bunny for instance. A costume that is also amazing and a wonderful idea is simple yet creative, a frat boy,

  2. 2. Group costumes

    The first is a costume everyone has been loving since Kylie Jenner did it a few years ago, and now it has evolved into a great idea for group costumes. This Halloween you and your friends can all go as space cowgirls with some florescent clothing, a cowgirl hat and a little water gun.

    Another classic idea is Victoria Secret angels; with the fluffy wings and a lacy nighty you’d be good to go for any Halloween party. Or a great direction to go for Halloween could also be characters from your favourite movie or television show, great options include the Scooby-Doo gang or Cher and her friends from Clueless.

  3. 3. When you don't have any time

    We know it can be hard to prepare for a costume so here are a few ideas that involve little to no prep. In fact you could probably make these costumes with things currently in your own home.

    A boxer is a great costume — for this all you would need is a robe, boxing gloves and French braids.

    Harry Potter-themed costumes are also a great way to go, with a dress shirt, black skirt, wooden stick, and a lightening bolt drawn on your forehead.

Now you have all sorts of costumes to choose from, and no matter what you choose we know you will be your spookiest self. Be safe and enjoy spooky season!