Brahim Baour Talks Life With And Beyond Carleton Football

When Brahim Baour is not on the football field representing the Ravens, he is going to class like the rest of us.

Baour said he started playing football in high school on the offensive line. He added after attending his first football practice then he "fell in love the sport, mainly because of the team spirit that comes with it."

When asked what his strengths on the field are, Baour said playing smart is key in making the right plays to win.

"I feel like I am an intelligent player. I look for the best way to do things," he said.

Like a lot of sports at Carleton, Baour said football training can be very intense. He explained the team does morning runs, weight training and school. 

"It's all about balance and making time for the things that matter," Baour said. 

Baour hasn't always been a Carleton student. He said he previously studied journalism at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa), but admitted "Carleton seemed like a better fit."

Growing up in Gatineau in a French-speaking household, Baour gravitated towards Carleton for its reputation over uOttawa as a primarily English university.

Baour said he is not sure what he will be doing after graduating, but he is open to any new experiences and opportunities. Five years from now he sees himself "graduated and working a stable job, moving towards the rest of my life."