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6 inspiring accounts you need to follow on Insta, ASAP

Let’s be honest – we all spend way too much time on Instagram. You tell yourself it will just be five minutes and an hour later you’re 30 accounts deep and filled with jealousy, anger, sadness, guilt, lust… you know, the regulars. 

Mid-terms are around the corner and we know you’re going to be looking for a distraction. If you’re gonna be on social media, you might as well be encouraged while you’re scrolling, right? Here’s a list of the best accounts to follow if you need a little happy pill.



This illustrator and writer creates absolutely beautiful prints. Her words, drawings and pastel colour choice all work together to create an inviting and uplifting account.

Follow this account if: you’re looking for some motherly-type encouragement.



Everyone knows about Nike. But this account – created especially for women – is even better than the original. Professional female athletes are highlighted regularly. 

Follow this account if: you love sports, or if you need to haul ass (maybe to the gym, maybe to your 8:30).




This account takes photos of signs and billboards and replaces the text with an encouragement or piece of advice. The aesthetic is very LA, and very necessary during the upcoming winter months.  

Follow this account if: you need a quick pick-me-up.



Create & Cultivate is an online platform and offline conference for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. This account often posts quotes from women entrepreneurs and snapshots of their networking events.

Follow this account if: you need to be reminded that finishing school is a good idea.



Girl Boss is the perfect mix of memes, pop culture updates and inspirational quotes. If you’re looking for entertainment and encouragement all at once, this account is for you.

Follow this account if: you don’t really know what mood you’re in.



Everything about athleta is pure gold. This account is a collection of real women, with real bodies talking about fitness and what staying healthy means to them. 

Follow this account if: you’re sick of seeing unrealistic bodies on your feed.


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