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10 Perfect jackets for Ottawa’s “in-between” weather

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Canadian weather can be tough, and that time between Halloween and Christmas can be an especially confusing time weather-wise. In the morning you might need your winter coat, but by lunchtime, you are okay to go outside comfortably in a thick sweater. To help you combat the Canadian climate, here are some super cute light jackets that can be worn on their own or used to layer with a warmer coat!

1. American Eagle Cozy Sherpa Jacket

This cozy jacket is super cute and comes in seven different colours. The jacket comes in several different sizes from XXS-XXL. This jacket is a super cute and cozy addition to your fall and winter closet. It can be styled up with a cute crop top or styled down with a hoodie underneath for warmth. But hurry fast! Currently, it’s on sale for $45, the regular price is $89!

2. Zara Faux Leather Jacket

This is a classic in-between weather staple. Not only is this leather jacket incredibly stylish and cool, but it’s an amazing dupe if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a real leather jacket. This jacket looks sleek and stylish, and best of all, it’s only $79! The Faux Leather Jacket comes in sizes XS-XXL. It’s the perfect for pairing with for all kinds of outfits –– a skirt, dress or even jeans! If you’re looking for a versatile light jacket, this is perfect for you!

3. Zara Long Plaid Overshirt

This is a super cute alternative if you are not a shacket person. This plaid overshirt gives the same impression of an oversized flannel while providing much more warmth and style. This overshirt is great for providing an extra layer of warmth between you and your winter jacket. It can be styled in plenty of different ways whether it’s over a cute crop top skirt combo or to spice up a basic white tee for class, this jacket has plenty of adorable possibilities. The overshirt is currently on sale for 40% off at $45 and comes in sizes XS-XXL.

4. Zara Faux Leather Overshirt

This is the perfect alternative option if you like the leather look, but aren’t ready to commit to the classic leather jacket look. This overshirt is one of my personal favourites for the in-between weather. This jacket looks super cute with sweatpants or jeans and fancier pants. As well, it can be used year-round as its oversized length and look are perfect for throwing over a dress and heading to the bars on a summer night! This cute overshirt is only $79 and comes in sizes XS-XXL.

5. Zara Faux Suede Coat

The Faux Suede Coat is not only super cute but also perfect for the cooler days when you want something just a bit longer than your typical fall or winter coat. The longer look of this coat makes it perfect for over top of a cute winter dress or as a warm layer over a casual sweater and jeans combo! This unique jacket comes in seven colours sizes S-XL, $79.

6. Simons Courdory Overshirt with Patched Pockets

This is great for layering between you and a warmer layer. This cute courdory jacket comes in three cute pastel colours and is currently on sale for $69! The jacket is a great layer for when you are in class and want to be cozy without wearing your heavy winter jacket. This jacket comes in sizes S-L.

7. Dynamite Denim Button Up Shirt

The Denim Button Up Shirt is perfect for those leather-pant lovers. This denim overshirt is the perfect outfit addition to a leather shirt and basic tee combo. The denim overshirt adds an alternative spice to the outfit that’s cuter than a basic hoodie or quarter-zip for warmth. The Denim Button Up is $59 and comes in size XXS-XL.

8. Dynamite Quilted Shacket

This Quilted Shacket is a great option if you want to be warm but you do not want to wear a full winter jacket. With a sweater underneath, this Quilted Shacket is warm enough to brave the Canadian winter and have you look cute while doing it! This Quilted Shacket comes in sizes XS-L and is currently on sale for $60 so hurry fast!

Girl In Snow With Jean Jacket
Anna Thetard / Her Campus

9. Hollister Crop Faux Fur-Lined Faux Leather Biker Jacket

This Faux Fur-Lined Faux Leather Biker Jacket is great if you appreciate the leather jacket look but are nervous about the weather. The Faux Fur that lines this jacket will keep you warm on those cold Canadian winter nights. This jacket is great for both style and warmth as well it’s on sale right now for $71! The jacket comes in sizes XXS-XXL and is available in five different colours.

10. Hollister Plaid Dad Coat

This wool plaid coat is both cute and cozy which is the ideal combo for Canadian winter weather, if you ask me. This Plaid Dad Coat is long so it can keep your upper legs warm as well as your upper body. It can be styled up with a cute scarf or styled down with a toque and hoodie. The coat is available in three different colours and comes in sizes XXS-XXL. Hurry fast –– this super cute coat won’t stay available for long, especially because it’s currently marked down from the $150 regular price to its current $74.

Hopefully, these cute, cozy and affordable options will help you endure the oncoming Ottawa winter while staying stylish!

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