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3 Not-So-Great Things About Student Living

We all know that possibly the best part about being a University student is living away from home. However, while having no rules is all fun and games, the question arises why there are more and more people living at home each year rather than signing for a house in the heart of Cathays. While statistics say that around 19% of students choose to live at home and commute, I ask myself, is student living really THAT bad?


Here are three reasons why any person could be put off student life…


1. Unwanted pets

Some of them are prettier than others, but I’m pretty sure none of us would choose to live with the likes of rats, mice, bed bugs or any other insect/pest student houses are renowned for being populated with. In my first year of living in a student house we have yet to experience insects, but not so long ago a mouse kindly greeted me on my kitchen floor as I stepped out of my ground floor room – yuck.


2. The joy of warmth (or not)

At the time of year when your student house is feeling like the Arctic, who wouldn’t want to be in the warmth of their own home with an open fire and that cupboard full of cosy blankets? Having the heating on constantly just isn’t an option when you have £100 to last you until the end of the month…


3. That monthly terror- Rent day!

We’ve all had the feeling- it’s getting to the end of the semester and money is no longer a never-ending vat of happiness. The start of the month for many is the ghastly removal of cash from our online banking accounts- never easy on the eye! So why put yourself through the worry when home is still an option?


 While these disadvantages may well put a small percentage of us off, it is criminal to forget the very many reasons why students live together- Need I explain?!

I am a 19 year old English Literature student at Cardiff University. Also a cheerleader for Cardiff Uni and enjoying painting, drawing, designing and just generally anything creative.
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