Top 10 Websites All College Students Must Know

Midterms week is here and with that comes a lot of work, late nights studying and coffee, LOTS OF COFFEE!! The upcoming weeks can consist of good old fashion tests, research papers, and presentations.  Whatever it may be, these websites have to be part of your student tool belt.

1. Khan Academy

Ever walk out of class thinking: I don’t get it? And you spend hours and hours going over your notes and your book and still can’t figure it out? Well Salman Khan is the man for you! Kahn Academy has a wide array of subjects and concepts explained thoroughly in short videos. Salman and his team use a variety of colors to explain some of the most complicated subjects out there. It’s great, it’s easy to use, and it’s free!!

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2. Ted

Maybe you are not in the research phase of your paper yet, maybe you are still trying to figure out what to write about. Ted is a great place to start! Ted Talks has a wide range of topics covered in 18 minutes or less. Get some great ideas and start your project today.

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3. Google Scholar

So we all know Google is a no-go for sources when writing papers for academia, but have you tried Google Scholar? Google Scholar is just like Google but this search engine will give you only scholarly sources, how awesome is that?!! You can go directly to Google Scholar or you can access it through our University Library website under “Find Resources” and “Web Search Engines.” If you choose to use the link through the University Library, Google Scholar will only show results that are available for free or paid for by the University.

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4. EasyBib 

With every paper comes a bibliography or works cited page, because not all ideas are YOUR ideas, eek! Avoid plagiarism by citing your sources and use EasyBib to organize them. Simply fill in all the boxes, click on the format you need, copy, paste and done!

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5. Thesaurus

In conversation things can be easy to explain, but we don’t write the way we speak and sometimes coming up with the correct words is the hardest part. Thesaurus is a forgotten gem that can help you come up with sophisticated words that perhaps have been removed from your permanent word bank since the SAT’s.

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6. Dragon Dictation

In this app you can record your ideas or dictate your rough drafts. The app simply spells it out and then you can email it, copy and paste into another application or program, message it or put it on your social media account.  Download this app and dictate away.

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7. Prezi

If your project consists of a presentation you must use Prezi! Prezi has a user friendly platform that can create some of the best looking presentations. Some of the more advanced subscriptions require a fee but the basic package for students is FREE and it just doesn’t get any better than that!!

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8. Quizlet

If you are a techy person who has completely eradicated the use of paper in your life or simply a student with already a lot of things to carry, Quizlet is for you! This website has a bank of topics you can access to study. You can also create a study set of flash cards for your own class and have it on the go. Download the app and access the study sets you’ve created or joined and study anywhere on your phone!

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Ever wonder where all your money goes? Mint can help you keep track of your money. Simply link your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial venues and see exactly where your money is. This website gives you a weekly breakdown, colorful charts and budgeting advice to help you keep track of your money and become a better manager of it.

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10. Rate My Professors

In hindsight everything is 20/20, but perhaps if you had looked up your professor before taking him you would’ve known that you didn’t really need to buy the book, or that his tests are all based on the lectures and not the book or that he is always late. Next quarter don’t forget to check out this: Rate My Professors. Learn what your fellow classmates have to say about the professors, the good, the bad and the ugly.

While you’re at it don’t forget to return the enlightening favor and rate your professors too!

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Happy Midterms!