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Sports Fan Heidy Sosa

Name: Heidy SosaAge: 24Year: 2015Major: Communication Studies with an emphasis on Public Relations and Organizational CommunicationRelationship Status: In a relationship

1. What made you decide to attend Cal State Los Angeles?I’ve always heard great things about Cal State L.A., people around me at work all have told me about how its such a diverse campus. It also is 5 minutes aways from my house. I came from Santa Monica College so it seemed like a great place for me to be.

2. What does your daily routine look like?Mondays are my most interesting days. I go to work in the morning till 1p.m. then I go to class until 10p.m. I’m part of Cal State L.A.’s Lambda Pi Eta Honors Communication Society, so every Monday the event planning committee meets and we plan out next on campus fundraisers, as well as outings for our society. After that I have my night class, and finally I get to go home and enjoy a late dinner (hot wing nights are my favorite) with my boyfriend and cats.

3.  Where do you see yourself in five years?In five years I see myself working for a PR firm, whether its in the bridal industry or the entertainment route. I do see myself striving for greater learning opportunities and taking risks within my own career to reach the top

4. What qualities do you look for in a significant other?I like a guy who makes me laugh, who can make any boring situation a fun one. Much like my boyfriend already does. I love having someone who pushes me to never give up, takes care of others, and doesn’t mind taking random trips.

5.  What is your favorite place in the city?My absolute favorite place in the city would be a little hill along Malibu. Every year for Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I go there and enjoy a couple slices of D’amores Pizza.6. What hobbies do you have outside of your major?I enjoy watching professional golf, and taking my golf talents onto the driving range (I’m not ready for the course yet). I’m a big sports chick; I love the Dodgers and love college football. I love going to sports games.

7. Favorite artist? And why?My favorite artists would have to be The Black Keys. I love that both Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney came from small towns and have managed to make into the big leagues. It just goes to show you that anything is possible!

8. Any pets? What kind and what are their names?I have 2 cats. One is a black and white medium hair she goes by the name of Nala. She’s the diva of the house; nothing amuses her except a box to jump into. The other one is a black short hair who goes by the name of Darth Vader. She’s a big talker and loves taking my Christmas socks and putting them in her water bowl. 

9. Something interesting about you?I’m a fiend for Buffalo Wild Wings! If I had it my way I would eat wings everyday. I love collecting, or I should say wearing, high heels. I hope to one day own a walk in closet for my heel library.

10. Social media? What are your usernames and on where?I’m all about social media! I’m like an open book, I love sharing my life with my friends and followers. Instragram: @heidysheels. FaceBook: Heidy Sosa. Snapchat: heidyylove

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Christina Rivas

Cal State LA

Christina Rivas was a previous writer of Her Campus CSULA. She graduated from Cal State LA in 2016 majoring in Sociology and a minor in Public Administration. She is currently a graduate student at University of Southern California (USC) and is enrolled in the Educational Counseling program. She is actively involved in helping students grow and gain the right strategies needed to succeed in college. She is also an Academic Coach where she meets one-on-one with students weekly to help students stay on track of their academics and goals. Aside from her passion working with students, she enjoys trying new things and doing fun activities. She enjoys painting, hiking, reading, and spending time with her dog Jack.       
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