Our HC Cal State LA Executives' Top Workout Jams

Working out can be tough when we want to push ourselves in reaching our goal. We need an upbeat music that motivates us to reach the limit. The kind of music that we listen varies; it could be hip-hop, R&B, Alternative, and etc. But, whatever music we hear it gets us moving. Here are some upbeat songs our HC Cal State LA executives listen to when they work out.

These songs are motivating and keep them moving to reach the final set of sit-ups. The songs are both slow and fast paced, allowing them to workout at their preferred speed.


Break Free—Ariana Grande

Break Free begins as a steady song that’s perfect for a warm-up or what you’ll move to during a dancing class.


Uptown Funk Ft. Bruno Mars—Mark Ronson

With its steady rhythm, you just can’t help to listen to Bruno Mars' voice motiving you to keep going on the floor mat.  


Move—Little Mix

Move by Little Mix is a bit faster; you can’t help but to keep going as you’re trying to reach those ten sets of push-ups.


Shake It Off—Taylor Swift

Not only is Shake It Off is a great upbeat song to workout to, it is a positive song that encourages you not to give-up and let negativity stop you reach your goal on the treadmill.



Jaded is an perfect choice when you want to have a steady run on the treadmill. 


Black Skinhead—Kanye West

Black Skinhead has a faster pace rhythm that is perfect for the treadmill and pulling up weights. It helps you to get going without stopping so you can catch up with the music.


Some HC Cal State LA executives may workout at a gym; however, others don’t workout or use the gym. They run, hike, or none at all. Our executives choose the music they would workout during an exercise outside or during simple walk.  


Walking on A Dream—Empire on The Sun

A fast and upbeat song has the perfect rhythm to hike with. With a solid beat, Walking on A Dream clears your mind so you can focus on moving forward towards the hiking trail.


It’s My Life—Bon Jovi

When it comes to working-out, you can’t go wrong without listening to Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. It works perfectly with any workout, while running or on a simple hike.


Centuries—Fall Out Boy

Trying to keep up with your workout can be like a battle. Centuries provides the rhythm to battle that you’re facing in order to complete your workout.