I Left My Sorority, and Here's Why

Usually when people depart or withdraw from a large organization, it is viewed negatively. You are giving up, you did not care in the first place, you did not put enough effort, etc. But that isn’t how it should be perceived.

I recently resigned from my sorority, a social organization meant to empower women and create an environment of growth between like-minded individuals. I didn’t resign because it was too much or I could no longer afford it. I made this decision to drop because it began to negatively affect my health.

To be specific my mental well-being was rapidly declining, to the point where I was starting to become a danger to myself.

So after receiving additional confirmation that the environment provided by the organization wasn’t for me, that it was not good for my health, I thought it through and made my choice. When it comes down to it, no organization or involvement is worth your well-being, your life. Make sure to put yourself first. Focus on your self-care, then you can dedicate more of your time to other activities.

Becoming a part of an organization requires a lot of time, effort and commitment, but understand that it is not for everyone. I will cherish what I learned from that organization, although painful it is to have to leave something that was so dear to me. I learned a lot and grew as an individual, so even trying or getting to a certain point is a great accomplishment.

So do not look at leaving something you love and care for as negative, because sometimes you need a break. It’s okay to leave and contemplate certain decisions.

Leaving doesn’t necessarily mean you’re staying away forever. You can do it temporarily whether for a short period of time or a long one, but you can decide what you feel is best. Put yourself first, consider if it’s worth it and if you’ve already learned what the experience was meant to teach you.

Self-care is important! Don’t beat yourself for wanting to leave an organization that you believe you need to take a break from. It’ll still be there, but your mind and health is fragile.

You are irreplaceable!