Why You Should Start Looking for a Summer Internship Now



 Although summer is months away, many people begin their search for internships as early as September, and sometimes even August. Today, the competition for internships is fiercer than ever before, and many students find themselves struggling to find one if they wait too long to begin their search. Many companies also begin their search for interns in early fall, so they are not scrambling to find candidates at the last minute. If you don’t want to be left looking for a job at the last minute, consider these reasons to begin your internship search now.


Career Fairs Start In The Fall


 Universities begin hosting career fairs in the fall, inviting companies from across the state and even the nation to attend, and it’s at these events that many businesses start looking for potential interns. Even if they aren’t hiring yet, this is a great opportunity to make connections with recruiters, learn more about the company and get an idea of  what classes you should consider taking in the upcoming year to increase your chances of being picked for their program. If you haven’t had an internship before, this is a great opportunity to get a better idea of what you’re looking to get out of it, and what kind of business you’re interested in working for.



You’ll Get Ahead Of The Competition


 While many career counselors recommend that you start applying for summer internships in the fall, not many students take that advice. By making connections with recruiters and applying for programs months in advance, you will be able to get ahead of your classmates who have procrastinated applying for internships. Not only will this give you more time to apply for a greater number of positions, you also make a great impression on recruiters by showing them that you are proactive, organized, and committed to finding an internship! In such a competitive market, demonstrating these traits by being an early applicant can make or break whether or not you get the internship over another candidate.


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You Can Determine Where You Do (And Don’t) Want To Work


 Having an internship is great, but only if you actually gain something from the experience. You don’t want to end up at a company where the only time you ever see your supervisor is when you’re bringing them their morning coffee. The earlier you begin searching for and reviewing internship programs, the sooner you’ll be able to begin to determine what you’re looking for in the company you intern with. What values of yours do you want to see reflected in them? What experiences are you looking for, and what companies can provide them? The sooner you begin applying, the better chances you’ll have of finding an internship program that actually gives you the opportunities you want.



You’ll Have Time To Prepare For Your Internship


 Starting a new internship can be a huge transition, and it’s important to give yourself time to adjust to the change. This may include getting to know new people, upgrading your wardrobe to suit your new position and possibly even moving to a new city or state. The earlier you begin applying for internships, the sooner you will be able to begin preparing for your upcoming program. Even if you don’t know where exactly you’re going to end up yet, you can begin researching housing options, connecting with other candidates for the internship program and determining what you need to do to prepare yourself for success at the companies you’re interested in.


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You’re More Likely To Get Internships That Are Paid (Or At Least Offer College Credit)

 Experience is great, but getting a paid internship is always an added bonus. These internships are going to be especially competitive, so applying early will give you a better chance of being a serious contender for them. Even if applications aren’t open yet, you may have opportunities to meet and network with recruiters and employees of the company and show them why they should be giving the internship (and a paycheck) to you, and not another applicant. Although not many internship are paying, there are a fair number of them that do offer college credit, which can help you get ahead on units and boost your GPA.



 Applying for internships is never easy, but the process can be much more manageable if you start early. Attending career fairs, connecting with recruiters and practicing interview questions can help you get ahead of the competition and make yourself a strong candidate for internship programs. So get your resume ready, get out there and find your dream internship!