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Top Tips to Prepare for an Interview

It seems as though Cal Poly is always advertising for the next upcoming career fair — especially during winter quarter. Whether you are a first time freshmen or seasoned senior, the prospect of internships, jobs, and interviewing with employers may appear daunting. Nevertheless, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you prepare before your next interview and hopefully land the job! 

Do Your Research

The first piece of advice we want to let you know is: it is important to know your facts about your company of interest before stepping into the interview process. What about the company is appealing to you? What is it about their mission or philosophies that you think is most important? Make sure you know a bit of background about the position too. 

Find Some Interview Practice Questions

Although you may not know exactly what questions an interview may entail, there are plenty of resources online (such as this article from indeed.com) with sample questions for you to peruse. Find a list and familiarize yourself with some generalized inquiries that are common to most interview settings.

Rehearse Your Responses

You know yourself better than anyone else. While you practice, remember to think through and coordinate your answers to some potential questions. An interview requires you to sell yourself. Why are you best fit for this position? What qualities can you bring to the company that someone else could not? Hype yourself up!

Have Some Personal Anecdotes in Your Pocket

While preparing for an interview, it is important to have some specific examples of how you have demonstrated a particular characteristic previously. Plus, having personal examples will help you think through the traits you possess that are fit for the job. 


While you may prepare as much as possible, remember to take a deep breath. Though the interview process is daunting, harness your nervousness to prepare well, get rest, and have confidence in all you have to offer. Attempting to remain detached from the outcome may help take the pressure off the interview as well. Remember, you have done the best you can. Walk in and crush it!

Although interviewing and preparing is strenuous and nerve-racking, we guarantee the more you prepare, the less nervous you will feel walking into any job or internship. You have many attributes worthy for the career you are hoping for. We wish you the best in your search and hope these tips help!

Taylor Eldridge

Cal Poly '21

Taylor is currently a second year (junior) student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo majoring in English with a minor in Psychology. Besides HerCampus, many of her interests are diversified; she is either exercising, listening to music (probably both, simultaneously), or spending time with my family and friends. Taylor is also a part of the Fitness & Nutrition Team through Campus Health & Wellbeing.
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