SLO Coffee Shop Hacks You Need to Know ASAP

Here in SLO, we are surely not short on delicious coffee, which is typically served in the most insta-worthy of coffee shops. Some of the most popular coffee shops downtown have some especially unique things about them, that you need to stop by and check out. 


One of my favorite things about Kreuzberg is their point system. It basically rewards you for buying coffee, which (bonus) makes it much easier to convince yourself that buying that eighth cup of coffee in one week is a great idea. All you have to do is give them your phone number, and every time you make a purchase you get one point. Once you rack up 10 points (easy peasy), you get a free item. 

Besides stopping by for delicious coffee and food, I highly suggest you check out their open mic night on Thursdays. Here are just three things to get you there: candles everywhere in mason jars, comfy couches to sit on, and of course the performers. The intimate environment will make you swear away expensive concerts.

TIP: If you’re already planning on getting a coffee and a bite to eat, (I suggest their $6 pasta of the day) make them separate purchases so you can hit your point count twice as fast!


Most coffee shops are solely known for their drinks and latte art, but that’s not the only tasty thing that you need to try at Linnaeas. Indulge in one (or two, or three) of their many unique pastries made from a culinary graduate. The names of these pastries alone will make you desperate to drive downtown and stuff your face. Try the chocolate stout with bailey’s buttercream cupcake or the sinful sea chocolate-chocolate chip cookie.

TIP: Grab some dessert and enjoy it in their cute outside garden!


Scout is one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops that I have ever set foot in, where every square foot looks like it honestly just deserves to be photographed over and over again (even if I’ve done it a hundred times). But once you stop staring at the rustic red brick walls and inviting floral yellow wallpaper, the taste of their authentic coffee drinks is truly amazing. The coolest part about Scout is that the two owners have actually created their own coffee roaster company, HoneyCo, to ensure the quality at Scout is always at the highest it can be. 

TIP: Check out the stationary section to pick up a last minute birthday card, or to just treat yoself (because you deserve it). 


Hip coffee shops are the trademark location for college studying and surfing the web, but how about going to a coffee shop to actually just socialize and meet people? Yes, people really do this. Besides being an excellent study spot, Ascendo has a socializing-only area, where no technology is allowed. So stop staring at that screen and get over their your social butterfly you! Who knows, you might even meet a new friend (or more than friend). 


TIP: Try their famous house made brown sugar syrup in one of their yummy coffee drinks! 

We all love (and most likely need) coffee in our lives, especially as college students. So we're all very thankful that Cal Poly neighbors this handful of unique coffee shops that are very worthy of our visit. Next time you're craving the taste of espresso and happiness, or just need somewhere other than campus to study for those midterms, head downtown to experience all they have to offer first hand!