Scurvy is a Thing, Here's How To Avoid It

Surprise! Amid the freshman 15, finals and group projects, you also have to worry about coming down with a disease that you thought disappeared with one-legged, hook-wearing seamen. Well, sort of. Cases have been popping up over the last few years of students coming down with Scurvy--a disease thought to have been left behind in the exploratory era. While these cases are spread far and rare, the possibility of contracting Scurvy should have you thinking about better eating habits.

So, how do you go about avoiding such a thing as Scurvy?

Eat ALL the fruits and veggies!

Scurvy is the scientific name for Vitamin C Deficiency. Vitamin C is essential in the normal production of tissue and a lack of it can lead to bleeding gums and loosened teeth, sore/stiff joins, bleeding under the skin, slowed healing of wounds, and anemia. Chuck that crappy college diet stereotype out the window by incorporating various fruits and vegetables – fresh of course – into your daily meals.

Here are some common fruits and veggies with high vitamin C content:





Here are a couple fun ones you may have never heard of before:





Greens can also have high vitamin C content and should be a part of your daily diet for an optimal good day:



Collard Greens

Brussel Sprouts

Next time you feel yourself reaching for a Cup-A-Noodle, smack it away and grab something fruity or green instead!