Ross from "Friends" tells us what it's like looking for housing in SLO

It’s that time of the year again where it feels like everyone has housing figured out for next year besides you. It can be stressful and overwhelming, but have no fear. This article has the perfect tips for getting started on finding your future home. And in the meantime, Ross from “Friends” is here to remind you you aren’t alone.

  1. 2. As you search the internet, you begin to realize just how expensive off-campus housing in San Luis Obispo is. It’s rough life out there.

  2. 3. But you push on. You can’t give up. You start sending in applications, and sure enough, you’re able to tour the place and meet the landlord. You make a game plan to make sure they think you're the most wholesome roommates there ever were.

  3. 4. Unfortunately, everyone is in the same boat as you and you don’t get that first house. You apply to more, but don’t hear back. You start to feel a little disheartened. How does anyone find a place to live around here?

  4. 5. You see more and more people signing leases, yet you can’t find any luck. You think, “When is it my turn? What about me?”

  5. 6. But then. Finally. You get a call back from one of the millions of landlords you’ve spoken to. They have a lease for you to sign. You're all smiles now.

  6. 7. You hear others still talking about the struggle, but you can’t relate anymore. You did it. You have a home for next year. You’re a star.

What tips do you have for finding housing in SLO? Comment them below!