Reacting to the PIKE Facebook Scandal

Editor's Note: This is the opinion on one writer and does not reflect the opinions of our entire staff. However, we are proud to publish thought-provoking content as part of our #HC Girl to Woman mission.

It’s only the third week of school, yet scandal has already rocked Greek life on campus. Two days after all nine Panhellenic sororities welcomed home their new members on an exciting bid day, a member of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha posted a message on the fraternity’s private group page.

Picture from Reddit

As you can see, the actives of Sigma Kappa aren’t the only ones excited about their fall class of new members. But shhh, this is all COMPLETELEY KEY AND DAGGER. Except for the fact that, you know, it got out. And many of the women around campus, including this writer, are NOT happy.

After interviewing several women, I have found reactions to be mixed. “I can see both sides,” said one (unnamed) sorority member. “They have free speech. What they said was terrible, but they have the right to say what they want.” And yes, it is possible to see both sides. The post was made on a private Facebook group and it is impossible to know the exact context of said post. Was it made in jest, or was it serious?

To be frank, it doesn’t matter. A major theme that has been promoted by those in charge of Greek life has been showing Greek love—and that means to everyone. As a member of one of the sororities on campus, I believe we should be treating each other with respect and doing what we can to support unity.

There was no respect in that Facebook post. It not only insulted a large part of the sorority in question, but it also regarded other members as pieces of meat — objects that the poster wanted his fraternity brothers to scoop up before anyone else could. Let me make this clear: As living, breathing members of the human race, we are not objects. We have never been objects, and we will never be objects. If it is not already being done, fraternities should be educating their members on how to treat women as equals. The women mentioned in the post (both Sigma Kappa and Alpha Phi) are made to sound like a newspaper that’ll get thrown away as soon as it’s read. These are girls brand new to Greek life, many of them brand new to the school, and this is how they’re welcomed?

Regardless of how you dress, how attractive you are, or what sorority, fraternity, sports team, club, whatever you belong to, this is a community where everyone deserves to feel safe. I am tired of watching people put up with this kind of thing, because “boys will be boys” or “that’s just how things are.” Those are the crappiest excuses possible. Even though I don’t belong to the organizations involved, I finished reading that post with disgust, anger and the feeling of being objectified.

Before you say, “Well, that was one fraternity member’s view,” I know that. I hope there are members of Pi Kappa Alpha who are absolutely appalled by that post and don’t agree with it at all. The actions of one member cannot be applied to the whole. And I hope that the fraternity doesn’t suffer any negative consequences for the actions of one or two members. I do support the idea of the offending members being put on probation at the very least, but only time will tell what kind of punishment is handed down.

Sadly, this has just been another case that gives Greek life a bad reputation. To any men reading this, start holding each other to a higher standard in regard to the treatment of your peers. Women, if you’re reading this article (which I hope you are), don’t put up with this kind of behavior. Don’t settle for dating or hanging out with guys who treat women this way. You are worth so much more than that.