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Juicy Couture Is Making A Comeback & We Are HERE For It

The 2000s are officially in comeback mode- Lace up jeans, chokers, bottoms that bear a striking resemblance to gaucho pants. All of our middle school and early high school faves are so totally the bomb dot com once again. The 2000s have so many wicked classics, but there is one company who truly embodies the idea of a tween girl in 2008: Juicy Couture. Juicy was the statement piece for your wardrobe. You could show off your butt by placing a sparkling gold “JUICY” over it while still technically wearing sweats. You could throw on a track jacket and basically be school ready, home ready and weekend fun ready.

When it comes to the 2000s comeback, Juicy Couture is doing it in the absolute best way. They’re giving their classics a modern twist. They’re claiming #TrackIsBack and bringing street style to your fave velour pants. They’ve got a brand new makeup line featuring the classic Juicy colors. They’ve thought of everything and we’re so totally on board with this upgrade- it’s the bomb dot com. Here are a few of the products we think are must-haves for the upcoming quarter!

Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must at Cal Poly. It’s sunny pretty much ALL year so you need to have a solid pair that will last you until the end of time. Oversized sunglasses used to be a symbol for the 2000s because they represented the start of the celebrity-obsession. Stars started wearing huge glasses to cover their face and carry around a tiny dog to keep them company. We can’t promise you a dog, but with Juicy’s updated horn-rimmed glasses, you’ll feel like the 2006 Paris Hilton you truly are.

A Sparkly Water Bottle

So maybe it wasn’t the water bottle that was the actual trend, but the Juicy label on everything you own and the glitter that went along with it was. With these new water bottles and fruit infusers, you can carry the cuteness that went along with Juicy products with you in an environmentally friendly and easy-to-carry way. We all know a reusable water bottle is the top of the back to school shopping list for students at CP, so why not make it Juicy?

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