Cute and Comfy: A Fashion Guide for the New School Year

Fall fashion has arrived and that means it is time to embrace the falling leaves and over sized sweaters. Just because you a 7am class does not mean that you still can't look cute. Embracing fall fashion is a great way to express yourself and feel confident in looks you feel comfortable in. Here are four looks to help you embrace your inner fall goddess.

Comfy look

Fall is a great time to start cuddling up and get cozy. Now that swim suit season is over it is time to relax and forget the gym exists. Get some cute joggers and an oversized t shirt. Just because an outfit is comfortable and easy does not mean it can’t be cute as well. These jogger's on pinterest make for the perfect comfy cute combo.

Spooky Look

We all know that Halloween begins in August, so spooky fashion is currently in. This can take so many different forms. You can try for an all black look with highlights in orange or purple, or if you are daring enough go for all black.

You can also try incorporating cute Halloween themed items. Get some cute patterns with ghosts or bats to spook up your look. If you are not ready to go fully Halloween quite yet, get some spooky socks as an accent piece to the rest of your outfit.

Classic Fall Look

Fall is the time of pumpkin spice and falling leaves, so embrace it. Go for some reddish or brown tones to highlight the season. Accessorize your look with a scarf or some patterned tights.Fall is also a great time to add some layers to your outfit to make sure you are nice and cozy as the temperature drops. Layers will also make your outfit more dynamic. 

Nerdy Look

Fall means back to school, which is the best time to showcase a new look. Embrace school spirit by going for a hipster/nerd look. Incorporate some plaid in a skirt or jacket.Button up shirts help you look more preppy and put together.Remember that the most important part of fall fashion is expressing yourself and finding a style that you feel most comfortable in.