I Tinder Messaged Guys Using Only Daenerys Targaryen Quotes & Here's What Happened

In an attempt to spice up my nonexistent Tinder dating life, I decided to respond to the men of Cal Poly with Daenerys’ fearless and fiery quotes from Game of Thrones. The heat was on and I was not disappointed!

1. The one who just wanted to grab coffee

Props to this guy for being persistent about that “coffee thing,” while slyly throwing in a Game of Thrones reference!

2. The guy who passed the interview

He went along with EVERYTHING and stuck along for quite a while. And that's what made this one so much fun! Jon Snow, is that you?

3. The dude who was never excused

Poor guy. He seemed so confused.


4. The guy who signed his life away

And that’s how you trap a man, ladies!

5. The boy who looked up Game of Throne scripts for nothing

I hope he wasn't waiting for my reply all weekend long. Sorry but not sorry, dude!

6. The one who doesn't watch Game of Thrones

When did Mulan ever talk about her womb and bearing children? Despite this initial confusion, 10/10 would totally bring this guy along to take the Iron Throne!

7. Mr. “Nice Guy”

This guy’s responses were short and quick to the point.... but also completely useless in my quest to relocate the dragons. I guess not all men can live up to Khal Drogo and Jon Snow. *sigh*

8. The dude stacked with Plus Dollars

Not going to lie -- my ears perked up when I read “stacked with plus dollars.” Ladies, he’s loaded!

9. The one who made it sexual

How did this conversation go from ruling the world to ruling the bedroom?

My Conclusions

Looking back at this experience, I was literally laughing out loud (to the point of tears!) with some of these responses. Also, defaulting to Daenerys’ quotes solved a lot of the typical indecisiveness I feel when trying to craft a witty enough response on Tinder. This allowed for many interesting rapid-fire conversations. All of this made for a good time! However, it’s safe to say that I will now be deleting my Tinder to avoid further questioning of my dragon children and pursuits to take over the world.

Lastly, I would like to give credit to the following articles that served as inspiration. As soon as I saw these headlines, I knew I had to write a similar article. It was too good of an idea to pass up!