I Tinder Messaged Guys Using Only Meredith Grey Quotes and Here's What Happened

After reading the Cosmopolitan article where a journalist Tinder messaged guys in NYC using only Carrie Bradshaw quotes, I was inspired. I decided to put the men of Mizzou to the test using only Meredith Grey quotes from Grey's Anatomy. Since Meredith is known for being dark and twisty, I wasn't quite sure how these young college lads would react.

1. The guy willing to choose a stranger over his own mother 

This was probably the strangest pickup line of them all. Why would I care if his mom thought he was talking to "cute babes"?

2. The dude desperate for free drinks 

Nice try dude. 

3. The guy who tried to make Meredith Grey's quotes dirty

I give this guy props for slyly mentioning that he figured out the Grey's references while still staying true to his player self. 

4. The guy who stuck around for the philosophical talk

Ladies, this guy could be a winner! He's clearly well cultured, and even after he figured out I was quoting Meredith Grey he stuck around for some deep conversation.

5. The concerned one

He told me that life is crushingly indifferent then had the nerve to ask if I was okay.  

6. The dude who put it all on the line 

This dude had to think over our conversation for a week, then took the time to let me know he was completely lost. 

7. The dude who feels for my parents 

I give this guy points for playing along, but take all those points away for saying "must of" instead of "must have."

8. The guy who had food on the mind

One minute he's thinking about fast food cheeseburgers and the next minute cookies are on his mind. Maybe he was hungry when he messaged me. 

9. The desperately apologetic one 

This guy took it a little too seriously. He extensively apologizes for his cheesy pickup line, then thinks I'm messing with him and later offers some deep insights regarding happiness and love before apologizing for his behavior with a Michael Scott quote. Just be confident, dude!

10. The guy who thought I was quoting a philosopher

I'm flattered that this dude thought I was quoting a theologist instead of just a fictional tv character. 

11. The guy looking for light conversation

He may not be the deepest fish in the sea, but he sure seems friendly! 

12. The sassy dude 

How dare he ask me to "STFU" when he made that crude comment above. 

13. The guy who played along for a while

He may have been persistent, but I reigned supreme in the end. 

14. The encouraging dude 

I like this guy. His opening line was fun yet clean, then he encouraged me to take care of myself and have fun.

15. The equally philosophical guy 

The best part about this guy is at the end he legit thanked me for engaging in meaningful and stimulating conversation, even if it was just Grey's Anatomy quotes.

16. The guy who was literally speechless

This guy couldn't even come up with a reply and had to resort to a gif to express his confusion. But I have some confusion of my own... what did he mean by saying "we seem to match a lot"?  You can only match with people once.

17. The hangout guy


This guy didn't understand a single thing I said yet still wanted to hang out. Seriously, try to find someone you have at least one thing in common with.  

18. The kindest soul alive

I felt really, really bad messing with this guy. He was genuinely engaged in the conversation, encouraged deep thoughts and was just looking for a solid connection with someone.  Someone find him and give him the love he deserves!

All in all this experience taught me a lot. First, I don't understand how people Tinder seriously. After two days I was completely worn out—and I didn't even have to make real conversation! Second, some of the guys were more game to talk philosophy than I anticipated. While they often had cheesy one liners, most at least pretended to be deep. Overall, the dudes of Mizzou were a little crude but had more substance than expected.