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How to Stay Safe this Holiday

When we were young, St. Patrick’s Day was just a day we wore green to school and saw endless green decorations in stores. In college, however, it’s St. Fratty’s day, known for the day-long parties, bars opening at the crack of dawn, and increased legal fines all weekend. 

The excitement of waking up early to head to pre-games and joining crowds of people walking to parties and bars to begin celebrations makes this holiday especially important to college students.

Although dressing up with your friends in bright green bodysuits and glitter is fun, it’s also important to stay safe during St. Fratty’s Day festivities. Here are some tips on how to still celebrate the holiday while also staying healthy and safe. 

Keep it Small

With the current state of COVID-19, it is important to keep any get togethers this year very small. Remeber not to share drinks and if you are sick in any way please stay home. 

Dress Cute with Items from Home

Check out our article about all of the cute items you can use to spice up your outfit. 

Share Your Locations with Your Friends

If you are going out, make sure to have everyone share their locations with one another, so it’ll be easy to find everyone if you get separated. This also helps everyone stay together, especially if your friends decide to go to multiple parties or bars throughout the day.

Always Use Uber or a Designated Driver

Ubers and Lyfts might get expensive on St. Fratty’s Day because so many people are out, so be prepared. Splitting the cost among your group of friends makes this easier, but if you don’t want to spend the money, appoint a designated driver. 

Depending on where you plan on spending the holiday, walking is also an option. As long as that weekend sees some nice springtime weather, this could be fun and cost-effective. With this option, however, be mindful of public intoxication fines.

Beware of Increased Fines

Like most college towns, San Luis Obispo increases fines for public intoxication, public urination, open container, and noise violations. Last year, these fines were doubled in order to discourage people from risking having to pay. The fine increase typically begins in the days before St. Patrick’s Day, and then lasts through the weekend, so keep that in mind as you go about your festivities.

Although St. Fratty’s Day is a college-favorite, it’s always important to put safety first so that you can enjoy the holiday with your friends!

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