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How to Have the Best Spring Break While Staying in SLO

You always hear about everyone’s exciting plans for spring break – Cabo, cruises, Disney World – but sometimes you have to work or plans don’t follow through, and suddenly you’re not going anywhere for break. You’re staying right where you are in San Luis Obispo. While at first this might seem like a bummer, SLO is actually a great place to spend your break because you’ll have a chance to try out these seven activities you probably don’t have time for when you’re in school.

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1. Mini golf at Boomers!

Located in Santa Maria, 28 minutes away from Cal Poly’s campus, Boomers! is an amusement center with multiple different activities such as mini golf, go-karts and bumper boats. It can be hard to find a day to do something like this during the academic quarter, so this spring break, grab some friends and spend an entertaining day at a place like Boomers!.

2. Go camping

While in school, weekends are used for fun with friends but also for catching up on sleep and getting homework done. During spring break, you don’t need to stress about writing a paper before Sunday night comes around. Instead, you can spend a weekend exploring a new place. Spend a couple days camping in one of the surrounding areas such as Montana de Oro or West Cuesta Ridge. You can go on a mini vacation with friends without going far when you stay in SLO.

3. See a play or a concert

San Luis Obispo has multiple different theaters in the area with various concerts and plays happening nearly every weekend.  This spring break, you can see the play “The 39 Steps” at the San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre or listen to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Fremont Theater.

4. Take some time to see surrounding areas

San Luis Obispo is known for not only being a beauty on its own, but also for being so close to other exciting plans to see and experience. Spring break is the perfect time to spend some full days exploring places such as Morro Bay or Cambria that you might not have as much time for during the quarter.

5. Take a tour of Hearst Castle

If you’re feeling like a tourist, Hearst Castle is the perfect nearby museum. A National Historic Landmark and California Historic Landmark, this extravagant mansion is a great place to spend the day exploring without going far.

6. Sycamore Minerals Spring Resort and Spa

Spring break comes immediately after finals, which means you’re going to be in need of some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Right in Avila, Sycamore Mineral Spring Resort and Spa offers just that. The resort has 23 naturally heated mineral spring hot tubs that can be rented by the hour for $15-20 a person. You can also rent out the Oasis Waterfall Lagoon with a group of friends for $20 a person for a group spa day.

7. Wine tasting

For the 21+ crowd, this isn’t something new, but with no school, wine tasting can be even more fun because you don’t have to have the thought of studying later in the back of your head. No matter what vineyard you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a beautiful and wine-filled day.

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And remember, ultimately it’s YOU who will decide if your break is awesome or not. We hope you have a great break, Mustangs – you deserve it!


Kallyn is a third year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in Media Arts, Science and Technology. She is a writer for Her Campus Cal Poly and Mustang News. She enjoys exploring the San Luis Obispo area, horseback riding and attempting to cook with her roommates. She is a lover of (almost) all things music and (completely) all things dogs. After graduation, she hopes to work for a news station or a high-profile publication.
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