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A Guide to Navigating New Cal Poly Changes For All Confused Upperclassmen

Cal Poly recently went through “a few changes” in the food department. If you’re like us and can’t keep up with the latest changes on campus every fall, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We understand the struggle. Put your mind to ease because this article is here to demystify what’s recently been going on in the food sphere on campus.


Okay, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic…. Metro isn’t dead. Instead, Metro has been rebranded and renovated as 805 Kitchen. At least the inside decor looks great? And there’s fruit-infused water? But it’s still not the same. Some other rebranded food places include Poly Deli (ex-Sandwich Factory) and Tu Taco (ex-Tacos To Go).

But actually, other places are dead!

Unfortunately, not all dining venues made the cut. Rest in peace, Zen Bowl, Pico’s, and the infamous Gyro Food Truck. You all will be sorely missed (in our stomachs). 

Bring on the shakes, Shake Smart!

Admittedly, we don’t go to the gym as often as we should. But with Shake Smart newly risen, we need an excuse to try one of their blended protein shakes, acai bowls, or sandwiches. We’re getting hangry just writing this.

Students have the choice to vote on dining options!

The name Student Choice speaks for itself. The goal of this new dining venue in the Avenue is to survey students twice every quarter on what they want to eat. Chefs will then prepare a menu for the option with the most votes. Yay, democracy in action!

Prepare your wallet.

With so many changes to Cal Poly Dining, it seems like the food is headed in the right direction! However, food prices are still expensive, if not more expensive. Prepare your wallet. Or better yet, seek out your freshmen friends with spare plus dollars.

Different Freshmen Dorms

Whereas North Mountain was previously known for housing engineering majors, North Mountain now hosts primarily architecture students. Engineering majors have slowly trickled into the Towers (Sierra Madre/Yosemite) instead. But the new dorms will be complete soon and everything we know will be moot once again. 

Laundry is free for on-campus housing!

Did someone say ‘free’?! It’s about time! Time to do Jennifer Lopez’s Washing Machine on Spin Cycle dance.

The Fall of the (Pen) Wall

I thought we could depend on the University Bookstore to keep the Pen Wall, despite the change in management. Some things just happen, I guess.

There’s a meditation room!

You may be unaware of this hidden gem found on the fourth floor of Kennedy Library: an inclusive prayer/meditation room! Stress, be gone!

“Why are there so many people?”

There are more than just structural changes at Cal Poly. Have you noticed a few more faces and bodies than usual while walking to class? It might be because Cal Poly over-admitted at least 1,000 students this fall. Either way, we’re happy to welcome more into the Mustang Family!

So there you have it, folks. A list of numerous changes happening at Cal Poly right now. And by the time you grasp your mind around all the changes, there will be 20 more. *Cry*. 

Danica Liang is a fourth-year student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo studying Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies and Computer Science. She is extremely excited to be contributing her voice to Her Campus!
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