#GirlsNightIn: How a Lingerie Party Can Build Self-Confidence

It’s no secret that a lot of people, especially younger generations, struggle with self-confidence and body image issues. There are a million recommendations out there on how to combat these issues, most of which focus on building up your confidence and positivity through different activities like a Girls' Night Out. One activity worthy of a try is a ~Lingerie Night~ with your girls. It sounds strange and out of place given that lingerie actually exposes more of you, but it’s really liberating!

Getting a group of friends together to sit around in lingerie and catch up is not only a great bonding experience but also a chance to boost each everyone’s confidence. Hearing your friend yell “YAS WORK IT” as you debut your look is super empowering and encourages you to think about yourself positively instead of negatively. It might feel awkward at first to sit there half-naked, but once you let go of your doubts, it becomes fun to chill in your underwear: watching movies, eating take-out, and spilling the hot goss with your girls.

Within a group of friends, there are all different kinds of bodies — stretch marks, scars, and rolls galore. Having a lingerie night allows a group of diverse people to feel awesome about their own selves while also inspiring their friends. A great way to extend the festivities is to go shopping as a group beforehand to pick out your confidence boosting outfit at your local thrift store or Victoria's Secret. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your friends, but you then get to rock a cute new set!

By opening yourself up to this vulnerability with your friends you form stronger bonds and connections. Most everyone has struggled with their body image and can relate to what you’re going through. Lingerie Night allows you to become closer to your friends, improves your confidence and outlook, and gives you the chance to appreciate all the wonderful body types in the world. Everyone is unique, and that should be celebrated — in this case with with your fave pair of boyshorts!